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NEET 2022: Mistakes in Preliminary Key?

Students are expressing concern over NEET-2022 preliminary 'key' released by NTA on August 31.

Students of a private college in hyderabad who appeared for NEET said that some of the questions in the exam were unclear and against the concept. In particular, the question related to photoelectric effects in physics was left out as completely contrary to the concept, and NTA did not identify that error in the Preliminary key.

NEET 2022 Question Paper with Answer Key (Held on 17.07.2022)

They said that similar mistakes were made in botany and chemistry. They expressed concern that they will have to lose some marks due to such mistakes. Taking into consideration the concern of the students, the institute's expert committee also examined the preliminary 'key'. Agreeing with the views of the students, the committee requested the NTA to correct the errors in the final 'key' and do justice to the students.

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Published date : 02 Sep 2022 05:53PM

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