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Doubts about malpractice during the NEET 2024!

Allegations are widespread regarding the NEET entrance exam held on the 5th of last month across the country for admission to MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BUMS, and other courses.
Doubts about malpractice during the NEET 2024!

Reports suggest significant incidents of cheating in various examination centers. Additionally, several corporate colleges are voicing suspicions of malpractice during the NEET exam, particularly in northern states, where there are claims of large-scale copying. Concerns are being raised about the unusually high number of top scores achieved in some colleges, with many students reportedly receiving identical top marks.

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Telugu states see decline in top ranks

Historically, students from the Telugu states have consistently secured top ranks at the national level. However, the results released by the National Testing Agency (NTA) this year show a decline in top ranks from these states. Last year, 67 students nationwide scored a perfect 720 out of 720 in NEET, raising doubts about the authenticity of such scores. This year, in a northern examination center, eight students seated next to each other in the same room each scored 720 marks, which is being deemed highly suspicious.

Questions also arise about students scoring 717, 718, and 719 out of 720 marks. Last year, 20.38 lakh candidates appeared for the NEET exam, while this year, the number rose to 23.33 lakh. Last year, 11.45 lakh candidates qualified, compared to 13.16 lakh this year. In Telangana, 72,842 candidates appeared last year, with 42,654 qualifying. This year, 77,849 candidates took the exam, with 47,371 qualifying. Notably, no student from Telangana achieved a perfect score of 720 this year, though some obtained scores like 717, 718, and 719, which is puzzling educators. Typically, missing one question results in a five-mark deduction, yielding 715 marks, while missing one question results in a four-mark reduction, leading to 716 marks. Therefore, achieving scores of 717, 718, or 719 is perplexing.

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There are rumors that the NTA might have awarded grace marks to account for these unusual scores, but no official announcement has been made. Some suggest that two grace marks were added, yet this claim remains unverified. Questions arise about whether such grace marks should also be added to students from the Telugu states, where no such marks have been reported. In response to the allegations of cheating and the potential addition of grace marks, some parents are considering legal action to address these concerns.

Published date : 07 Jun 2024 06:14PM

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