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NEET MBBS Cutoff Ranks 2023 in Osmania, Gandhi, and Kakatiya Medical Colleges

Experts predict an increase in the eligibility marks this year, with students vying for convener quota seats. Consequently, students are closely monitoring the number of seats available, and the corresponding ranks required. Below is the list of Cutoff Ranks 2023 in Osmania, Gandhi, and Kakatiya Medical Colleges.
NEET MBBS Cutoff Ranks 2023 in Osmania Gandhi and Kakatiya Medical Colleges

NEET MBBS Cutoff Ranks 2023 in Osmania, Gandhi, and Kakatiya Medical Colleges

Below is the list of category-wise NEET MBBS 2023 Cutoff ranks in Osmania, Kakatiya and Gandhi medical colleges.

College Name/ Category Osmania Medical College Gandhi Medical College Kakatiya Medical College
Open Local 19239 8164 36905
Open Unreserved 7943 3225 25305
EWS 30522 26245 47684
SC Local 89253 80215 114000
SC Unreserved 48358 39519 98658
ST Local 90658 78656 107000
ST Unreserved 73500 47860 95831
BC A Local 79611 36691 109000
BC A Unreserved 42349    
BC B Local 30944 15625 66831
BC B Unreserved 12788    
BC C Local 69344 55674 43616
BC C Unreserved 21822    
BC D Local 30465 14598 37381
BC D Unreserved 20069 8257 94902
BC E Local 34482 30495 42838
BC E Unreserved 20497 5737 50030

Last year, for the first time in state history, a student ranked 2.66 lakh nationally in NEET, secured a seat under the convener quota. Another student from the BC C category, ranked 2.62 lakh, was admitted to Surabhi Medical College in Siddipet. A BC-C student at TRR College in Sangareddy, ranked 2.58 lakh, also secured an MBBS seat under the convener quota. These details were confirmed by Kaloji Narayana Rao Health University sources. Additionally, at Father Colombo Medical College in Warangal, a student ranked 1.60 lakh in the Open category local quota secured a seat, and another student ranked 58,727 at MNR Medical College in Sangareddy in the unreserved quota.

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Increasing MBBS Seats and Opportunities
Medical education opportunities in the state have expanded. Last year, a total of 8,490 MBBS seats were available in 56 medical colleges, with 3,790 seats in 27 government colleges and 4,700 seats in 29 private colleges. All seats in government colleges and 50% of seats in private colleges fall under the convener quota. Additionally, 15% of seats in government medical colleges are reserved for the All-India quota.

For the 2024–25 academic year, new medical colleges are expected to open in Jogulamba Gadwala, Narayanpet, Mulugu, Warangal, Medak, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri, Rangareddy, and Medchal Malkajgiri districts. The National Medical Council (NMC) is yet to grant approval, but six colleges are likely to receive permission, increasing MBBS enrollment opportunities.

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Impact of Quota Changes
The AP Reorganization Act, which allowed AP students a 15% quota in Telangana medical colleges, ended on June 2. This means that the previously joint quota seats in Telangana will now be available exclusively to Telangana students. Previously, the joint quota was implemented in 5 government and 15 private medical colleges, totaling 1,950 convener quota seats, with 15% (292 seats) reserved for AP students. With the cancellation of the joint quota, all these seats will now be available to Telangana students. This change is expected to allow students ranked up to 3 lakh to secure convener quota seats this year.

Published date : 06 Jun 2024 01:49PM

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