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JEE Main Physics Topics with Weightage

The JEE (Main) will be conducted twice in an year. JEE (Main) Paper-1 (B.E. /B. Tech.) will be conducted in “Computer Based Test (CBT)” mode only. Paper-1 (B.E./B.Tech.) question paper consists of Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry questions with equal weightage to Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry.

JEE Main Physics Topics with Weightage

After analysing previous years JEE main question papers, the subject experts have given the below wightage to the physics topics in the exam.

Check complete JEE Main Physics Syllabus

  • Physics and Measurement - 4% weightage
  • Work Energy and Power - 3% weightage
  • Rotational Motion - 3% weightage
  • Properties of Solids and Liquids - 5% weightage
  • Kinetic theory of Gases - 3% weightage
  • Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating currents - 3% weightage
  • Experimental skills - 3% weightage
  • Kinematics - 3% weightage
  • Laws of motion - 3% weightage
  • Gravitation - 2% weightage
  • Thermodynamics - 9% weightage
  • Oscillations and Waves - 3% weightage
  • Electrostatics - 9% weightage
  • Current Electricity - 8% weightage
  • Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism - 5% weightage
  • Electromagnetic Waves - 5% weightage
  • Optics- 10% weightage
  • Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation - 6% weightage
  • Atoms and Nuclei - 3% weightage
  • Electronic devices - 14% weightage
  • Communication Systems - 5% weightage

How to Score More in JEE Main Examination?

JEE Main Examination is considered to be highly competitive in nature and each candidate wishes to get admission in top colleges of the country. 

Therefore, the examination demands sound preparation in all the three subjects and to achieve the desired score, you must have a well-strategized study & revision plan and follow it diligently.

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It is essential that you practice and prepare Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with full efficiency and confidence. Subjects like physics and mathematics require a rigorous practise of numerical and questions, whereas chemistry has comparatively fewer numerical and more focus on theoretical concepts.

Must-follow tips and tricks to succeed in JEE Main:

  • First and foremost, you are aware that the JEE Main Examination is held twice a year. The January JEE Main exam question paper is the best source to determine your level of preparation and ensure relevant improvements to achieve a score of 250+ in April exam. Do not mistake the January paper as your ‘only’ practice paper but use it as the most important reference question paper.
  • You have to prioritise the topics with higher weigthage in all the three subjects. After complete coverage of the syllabus, revise the topics with higher weigthage first. E.g. In Physics, one can notice the increasing number of questions from Modern Physics and in Mathematics, Geometry & Calculus seems to fetch more questions. Please note, this does not mean that you can ignore a few topics completely.

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  • JEE Main Test Series is designed by exam experts and faculty to provide you with the best exam like experience. Practising mock tests gives you adequate revision and also improves your score with minimum errors. You must enrol in a good test series package to practise, analyse, improve, revise and be ready for the main examination. 
  • Apart from the JEE Main test series, you must practice and solve past year papers. Solve at least 10 years of previous year papers as it gives you an insight into the depth of preparation and conceptual clarity required to ace the exam.
  • It’s universally accepted that ‘One who is failing to plan, is planning to fail’ hence you must plan your strategy to attempt the exam. The online JEE Main exam is time-bound and has negative marking thus before the exam ensure the following things. Plan the sequence to attempt the paper, time spent on each question, ways to deal with tricky questions and to keep calm while facing the examination.
  • Begin and end your day with revision of your formula sheet and important concepts of all the three subjects. You will not be able to solve the questions on time if you don’t remember the formulas well, therefore, memorise them with the highest efficiency. The more you revise, the better will be your retention for the exam. Also, focus on quality over quantity, do not try to learn new concepts at the end of the preparation instead practice the ones you already know.
  • If you wish to score more than 250 marks in JEE Main Exam, it is advisable that you target 300 marks. This strategy gives you enough space to make errors(negative marking) and reach your desired score. This trick results in a win-win situation as if you make more mistakes than expected, you reach the score you wished otherwise your result is better than your target.

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Published date : 12 May 2022 01:46PM

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