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TSPSC Group-4 Final Key Released: Ten Questions Deleted... Answers Changed for 18 Questions!!

Telangana Public Service Commission (TSPSC) Group-4 Final Key has been released. TSPSC has released a notification on December 1 for filling up 8,180 posts in Group 4 category in various departments in the state.

A total of 9,51,205 people applied for this exam. On 1st July, 7,63,835 candidates appeared for paper-1 and 7,61,026 candidates for paper-2.

TSPSC Group-4 deleted questions

TSPSC removed seven questions from paper-1 and three questions from paper-2, totaling ten questions. While changes were made in the answers of total 13 questions in both the papers, more than one answer was given as correct for five questions.

These are the seven questions deleted in TSPSC Group-4 Paper-1

tspsc group 4 deleted questions telugu news

11.In December  2022, the  Government  of India accorded ‘in-principle’ approval for setting up of the following greenfield airports:
A.Bhogapuram in Andhra Pradesh
B.Durgapur in West Bengal 
C.Warangal in Telangana
D.Dholera in Gujarat
Which of the above are correct?
(1)A, B, C and D
(2)A, B and D only
(3)A, B and C only
(4)C and D only

21. Consider  the  following  pairs  relating  to  the Oxford words of the years:
A.Oxford  word  of  the  year  2022  :  Goblin Mode
B.Oxford word of the year 2021 : Vax
C.Oxford word of the year 2020 : Lockdown
D.Oxford  wordof  the  year  2019  :  Climate Strike
E.Oxford word of the year 2018 : Toxic
Choose the correct pairs : 
(1)A, B,C, D and E
(2)A, B and C only
(3)A, B and E only
(4)C, D and E only

60. Consider  the  following  statements  related  to solar power in India :
A.India is endowed with about 5000 kWh per year solar energy potential over land area.
B.India  stands  4th in Solar PV deployment across the globe as of 2021.
C.Karnataka State leads in producing  solar energy in India.

Which of the above statements is/are correct ?
(1)A only
(2)A and B only
(3)A, B and C
(4)A and C only

73. Which Constitutional Amendment Act provides 50 per cent seat reservation   for women in Urban local bodies in India ?
(1)73rdAmendment Act
(2)74thAmendment Act
(3)109thAmendment Act
(4)112thAmendment Act

129. Identify the incorrect pair :
(1)First Telangana Bandh –3rd March, 1969
(2)Telangana    Praja    Samithi    came    into existence –25th March, 1969(3)Konda     Laxman     Bapuji     resigned     as minister –27th March, 1969(4)Eight-Point formula was announced by the then Prime Minister –11th April, 1969

132. Arrange the following in chronological order :
A.‘Vidyarthi  Mahagarjana’washeld in Osmania University.
B.Students of Kakatiya University organised ‘Polikeka’.
C.Students of Osmania University organised ‘Assembly Muttadi’.
D.Telangana ‘Vidyarthi    Ranabheri’was organised at Nizam College grounds.
Choose the correct order :
(1)A, B, C, D
(2)B, A, D, C
(3)A, B, D, C
(4)B, A, C, D

148. The  Government  of  Telangana  prioritised  the growth  of  agriculture  sector  through  various initiatives since the formation of the State. In this context, consider the following pairs :
A.The Gross Irrigated Area (GIA) in Telangana  in  2021-22 : Nearly135 lakh acres.
B.Paddy  production in Telangana  :  Nearly 202 lakh million tonnes.
C.Geographical  Indication  (GI)  tag  awarded in 2022-23 : Tandur Red Gram.
Choose the correct pair(s) :
(1)A, B and C
(2)C only
(3)A and B only
(4)B and C only

These are the seven questions deleted in TSPSC Group-4 Paper-2

tspsc group 4 paper 2 deleted questions


40. What is the least number of identical cuboids, each of dimensions 3 cm X 4 cm X 6 cm that are required to form a cube?(1)196(2)192(3)144(4)169


TSPSC Group-4 2023 Results

It is known that objections were received on the preliminary key from August 30 to September 4. TSPSC Group-4 results are also likely to be released in October.

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TSPSC Group 4 Final Key PDF

Published date : 07 Oct 2023 05:23PM

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