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APPSC Group-2 Screening Test Final Key Revised on 3rd April 2017

APPSC has announced its decision of the Commission on Objections of the Group 2 Screening Test conducted on 26th February 2017. Here is the list of questions for which a decision has been made by the Commission.

Group 2 Screening Test Notf. No. 18/2016 Objections - Final decision of the Commmision on GS paper dated 28/03/2017

Question ID in
Master Set

Description of the Question

Answer as
per key as

Final Key

Decision of the Commission


The annual real growth rate of GDP of India in 2014-15 is



The answer is pre-revised figure. The answer is revised to 7.2% in January, 2016. As there is no correct answer, the question is deleted


The bronze medal of Yogeshwar Dutt in Wrestling in 2012 London Olympics was upgraded to silver because the following wrester failed dope test



There is an error in the framing of the question. Instead of "was upgraded", it should have been "was to be upgraded". The question is deleted


Budget of Government of India used to be presented as per tradition at 5 30 P M in the Lok Sabha. In which
year, the time of presentation was shifted to 11 00 A M



The correct option is 1. It was in February, 1999, the then FM, Yashwant Sinha presented the budget at 11 AM.


Under the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bhima Yojana, what is the annual premium to be paid by the policy holder to get accidental insurance cover?



Upon detailed rexamination, it is decided that the option given in the original key is correct because the basic premium is Rs 12/- and this is exclusive of service tax (whether exempt or not) 


As per Agricultural Census, 2010-11, small and medium
holdings constitute about 85% of the total number of holdings in India but the operated area of these holdings out of the total operated area is only



The question is wrongly worded. Instead of "small and marginal", small and medium is used and there is no correct answer. Therefore, the question is deleted



Note: The other objections are not tenable and scaling is done from 147 to 150 marks as three questions are deleted

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Published date : 17 Mar 2017 10:37AM

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