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PHP as Career Path

  1. Introduction
    PHP is a server side language that enables the user to interact with the database. PHP makes web pages dynamic. Now-a-day’s most of the web is running with PHP only, because PHP is a high speed scripting language which will interact with the database and display the results to the user with in span of time.

    For example if we want develop a webpage with login and registration. Webpage will be developed with the html, CSS and java script. After entering the details into the login, those details have to check with the database records. For checking the records with the database PHP acts as mediator between html and database.

    Today websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, and Yahoo are some of the websites using PHP. Most of the ecommerce websites, social websites, and networking websites will use PHP. One more big advantage of PHP is open source scripting language. PHP has wide range of support over the internet and it has supportive tools.So if you would like to work in PHP be ready to handle new challenges.

  2. Scope of PHP in Web Technology
    If you are a fresher and keen to build your career in Web technology, then you are in right place. PHP is the best choice for the career starting and best scripting language for the developing web applications by using the PHP and can develop dynamic websites. The main advantage is at its best as a scripting language with the execution time is very less when compared to the other programming language. It is completely open source and there will be full support from the internet also.

    The scope of PHP has acquired a maximum popularity in the world of web. Due to popular usage of PHP, growth for the growth of scope with respective careers is also on high scale.

    Once if you are strong with PHP coding skills there are lot of opportunities outside. You can consult the placement organizations for jobs. There are many online websites to register for the jobs. You can submit your resume. They will show you the best companies. If you got offer in small companies don’t hesitate to join in those companies because. Experience will be helpful for the bigger companies

  3. PHP Job description overview
    • PHP developers are responsible for writing the code according to the client requirement and it should be clean code.
    • Apart from writing the code developer have to design the wireframes and layouts.
    • PHP developer should have strong knowledge over online databases and able to write the queries.
    • Developing the new websites with clean code and able to maintain the existing websites and able to fix the issues.
    • The PHP programmer uses testing and debugging skills to ensure that these and other Web applications are running smoothly.
    • Strong knowledge about remote databases, version controls and deploy applications in remote places.
    • PHP developer should have knowledge about third party API’S like Facebook,google and twitter.
    • Good problem solving and programming skills.
    • PHP developer should be able to handle alone if there is requirement.
  4. Scalability and Ease of Maintenance
    Scalability and ease of maintenance have nothing to do with whether you select PHP or platform. Web Application scalability and ease of maintenance primarily depend on:
    • Programmers' experience
    • Using the best programming practices
    • Using a solid programming framework
    • Following programming guidelines and standards
  5. Cost:
    PHP, MySQL server, Postgresql server, Apache server, and Linux OS are all free and redesigns are additionally free. Moreover, there is no extra authorizing expense for having an alternate hot standby server as reinforcement, or expecting to run numerous servers for burden adjusting or server bunching.

    Light (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) is additionally substantially more main stream among facilitating organizations, and its prominence brings about a lower month to month facilitating expense for LAMP facilitating contrasted with Windows facilitating. and IIS are free in the event that you buy Windows OS. There is a significant permitting expense for a Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server and future updates. For instance, Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Standard - 64-bit expense is about $1029 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition for Small Business cost pretty nearly $1038.

    The above authorizing expenses for Microsoft can generously increment if the site gets to be well known and there is a need to run the site on numerous servers or obliges server gimmicks, for example, burden adjusting, server bunching or hot standby.

  6. Frameworks
    Every PHP developer should have knowledge about below frameworks as developer
    • Phalcon
    • Zend Framework
    • CodeIgniter
    • Symfony
    • CakePHP
    • Yii
    Engineering Study Material
  7. Pay
    Associate Programmer:
    • As associate PHP programmer he will earn 0-1 year 61,000 INR-2, 44630 INR
    • As 1-4 year PHP programmer will earn 85,400 INR-3, 58,080 INR
    • As 5-9 year PHP programmer he will earn 1, 49,000 INR-656,000 INR
    • Note: These salaries will change from location to location.
  8. Application built with PHP:
    Engineering Study Material
    Image courtesy: zend
  9. PHP usage companies
    1. Google (mostly uses Open source, few of the apps are done using PHP)
    2. Yahoo (mostly uses Open source, lots of apps are done using PHP)
    3. Rediff (mostly uses Open source, lots of apps are done using PHP)
    4. Facebook (Everyone has little bit idea how they are using it!)
    5. Intel (Few apps)
    6. Zynga
    7. Flickr
    8. Wikimedia
    9. Digg
Published date : 02 Jan 2015 11:03AM

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