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These should be considered in EAMCET counseling

One should consider the following in EAMCET final phase counselling
EAMCET Counselling
These should be considered in EAMCET counseling

What is the cut-off rank for a particular engineering branch in a college in the first phase counseling? All these details are available on the EAMCET College Predictor. You may have come to the rank of 12 thousand. If you do not apply, the CSE seat in that college may come to those who rank 13 thousand. Would a person who get that rank get a seat in a better college? It should be noted that there is no possibility of switching college if that person does not get a seat.

There will be a lot of modifications up to the first 5 thousand ranks. Those who get seats in national colleges are in these ranks. So it is not right to give first priority that these seats will come to you if they become vacant. It is because even those who got a seat in a different branch in the next rank can compete in the second counseling into the branch you want.

You have to choose the colleges according to the rank you get. The first priority may be to think if it as a good college, if it is close to your rank. In the case of the branch, check 1st phase counseling‌ list, and also should look at the college rank in the last 2 years and select the option.

Published date : 05 Nov 2021 03:42PM

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