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First year

Unit 1 - Physical World And Measurements
Physical World
Units and Dimensions
Measurements and Errors
Unit 2 - Kinematics
Horizontal Motion
Motion Under Gravity
Vector Addition
Relative Velocity
Product of Vectors
Oblique Projection
Horizontal Projection
Unit 3 - Laws of Motion
Inclined Plane
Block on Block
Horizontal Circular Motion
Laws of Motion
Connected Bodies
Horizontal Plane
Unit 4 - Work-Power And Energy
Work-Power and Energy
Vertical Circular Motion
Unit 5 - Motion of System of Particles And Rigid Body
Centre of Mass
Moment of Inertia
Unit 6 - Gravitation
Basic Forces And Kepler’s Laws
Variatio of "g"
Orbital And Escape Velocities
Unit 7 - Properties of Bulk Matter
Expansion of Solids
Expansion of Liquids
Expansion of Gases
Transfer of Heat
Fluid Mechanics
Surface Tension - Surface Energy
Capillarity – Excess Pressure
Unit 8 - Thermodynamics
Calorimetry and Joules Law
Thermodynamic Processes-Laws
Thermodynamics Heat Engines
Unit 9 - Kinetic Theory of Gasses
Kinetic Theory of Gasses
Unit 10 - Oscillations And Waves
Simple Pendulum
Wave Motions

Second year

Unit 1 - Electrostatics
Unit 2 - Current Electricity
Current Electricity
Unit 3 - Magnetic Effects of Current And Magnetism
Electro Magnetism
Unit 4 - Alternating Current
Alternating Current
Electromagnetic Induction
Unit 5 - Electromagnetic Waves
Electromagnetic Waves
Unit 6 - Optics
Unit 7 - Dual Nature of Matter And Radiation
Dual Nature Of Matter And Radiation
Unit 8 - Atoms And Nuclei
Atoms and Nuclei
Unit 9 - Electronic Devices
Electronic Devices