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Bengaluru’s Flying Wedge Defence Unveils India’s First Indigenous Bomber UAV

Bengaluru Flying Wedge Defence Unveils India First Indigenous Bomber UAV
  • Flying Wedge Defence, a Bengaluru-based defense and aerospace technology firm, recently revealed the FWD-200B, India’s inaugural indigenous bomber unmanned aircraft. With a focus on cost-effectiveness and self-reliance, the firm aims to position India as a leader in innovative defense solutions.
  • The FWD-200B boasts a payload capacity of 100 kgs and is classified as a MALE Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle, offering medium-altitude, long-endurance capabilities. Integrated with optical surveillance payloads and precision air strike weapons, it ensures versatility in various combat scenarios.
  • The company plans rigorous flight testing followed by certification from the Centre for Military Airworthiness & Certification (CEMILAC). Once certified, the FWD-200B aims to be integrated into Indian forces while also targeting export opportunities, particularly in regions where cost-prohibitive alternatives are impractical.


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Published date : 09 May 2024 06:15PM

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