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Agarwal & Boyce Win Inaugural Global Award

Agarwal & Boyce Win Inaugural Global Award   Global Inequality Research Awards
  • Bina Agarwal and James Boyce have been recognized for their groundbreaking work on global inequalities, receiving the prestigious – and inaugural – Global Inequality Research Award (GiRA).
  • Both scholars will be invited to Paris for conferences in fall and spring 2024. During these events, Agarwal and Boyce will present their research and insights on social and environmental disparities. The conferences are co-hosted by Sciences Po's Social-Ecological Transitions (SET) initiative.

News of the award came from the respective institutions of the recipients:

  • Bina Agarwal: The University of Manchester's Global Development Institute (GDI)
  • James Boyce: The University of Massachusetts Amherst's Political Economy Research Institute (PERI)
  • The GiRA Award highlights the critical need to:
  • Understand global inequalities from diverse perspectives.
  • Embrace interdisciplinary research to tackle complex issues.
  • Foster collaboration to address the challenges of economic, social, and environmental inequalities at a global scale.

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Published date : 26 Mar 2024 01:05PM

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