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2024 Kavli Prize Awarded In Astrophysics, Nanoscience & Neuroscience

2024 Kavli Prize Awarded In Astrophysics, Nanoscience & Neuroscience
  • The winners of the 2024 Kavli Prize were announced on June 12. Eight winners were awarded for their contributions to astrophysics, neuroscience, and nanoscience.
  • The inaugural prize was announced in 2008, and awarded to seven scientists. Till date, 73 scientists from 19 countries have been honoured with the biennial award. Ten of them have gone on to win the Nobel Prize.
  • This year’s prize for astrophysics has been awarded to David Charbonneau of Harvard University, and Sara Seager, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The duo have been recognised for discoveries of exoplanets, and the characterisation of their atmosphere. The citation states that the contributions of Charbonneau and Seager included pioneering “methods for the detection of atomic species in planetary atmospheres and the measurement of their thermal infrared emission, thus setting the stage for finding the molecular fingerprints of atmospheres around both giant and rocky planets”.
  • Robert Langer of MIT, Armand Paul Alivisatos of the University of Chicago, and Chad Mirkin of Northwestern University were given the prize for nanoscience.
  • The prize in neuroscience has been awarded to Nancy Kanwisher of MIT, Winrich Freiwald of Rockefeller University, and Doris Tsao of the University of California at Berkeley.

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Published date : 19 Jun 2024 05:20PM

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