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IIT Madras' First International Campus Inaugurated in Zanzibar!

In a momentous event, Zanzibar's President and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, Hussein Ali Mwinyi, presided over the inauguration of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras Zanzibar. This historic ceremony unfolded at the Zanzibar campus in the presence of Tanzanian officials, Indian dignitaries, faculty, and students.
IIT Madras

The establishment of IIT Madras Zanzibar marks a groundbreaking achievement as it becomes the very first international campus of an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). This initiative, spearheaded by the Indian government, aims to extend the high-quality education system of India to the global stage. The academic year for the first batch of students at IITM Zanzibar commenced in October 2023.


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According to an official statement from IIT Madras, the inaugural class at IIT Madras Zanzibar demonstrates a remarkable 40% representation of women among the students enrolled in the BS and MTech programs in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI). A permanent campus is set to be constructed through a collaborative effort between the Government of Zanzibar and the Government of India, as stated in the official announcement.

Programs Offered: 

Initially, the institute will offer BS and MTech programs, with plans to introduce additional academic programs in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in the near future. In the inaugural class of IIT Madras Zanzibar, students hailing from Zanzibar, mainland Tanzania, Nepal, and India have been admitted, with women constituting 40% of the student body.

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The institute offers a wide range of facilities, including dormitory accommodations, offices, classrooms, and an auditorium. Dining services and a dispensary are readily available on campus, with plans for the development of sports facilities. IITM Zanzibar's academic offerings are open to students of all nationalities, including Indian nationals.

In addition to the comprehensive curriculum covering all facets of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, students will have access to various exciting opportunities during their course of study. These opportunities include study abroad and semester exchange programs with partner institutions of IIT Madras in the UK, Australia, and other countries, internships with relevant companies, and the chance to fulfill certain course requirements at the IIT Madras campus in Chennai, India.

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Published date : 07 Nov 2023 01:37PM

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