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Telangana HC seeks explanation on the MBBS exam paper

Thirty MBBS first year students have approached the Telangana High Court alleging that the MBBS first year examination paper and subsequent supplementary examination question papers were against the rules of the Medical Council of India.
Telangana HC seeks explanation on the MBBS exam paper

The petition was recently heard by Justice Abhinand Kumar Shawli. Notices have been issued to the Central and State Governments, the Medical Council of India and the College of Medical Universities seeking clarification on the matter. Counsel reported that the petitioners failed the examinations as the questions were designed contrary to the Medical Council 2019 guidelines. The petitioners asked to re-create the questions as per the rules and conduct the examination and give orders to admit them to the para-clinical classes. The judge said the case would be heard after the Dussehra holidays. 

Published date : 12 Oct 2021 06:00PM

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