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UPSC Civils Final Result 2023: Check Toppers from Telugu States

UPSC has released the final result of Civils 2023. Download the list of selected candidates for various civil services posts. Check the list of toppers from Telugu States.
Civils Toppers 2023  Telugu States UPSC Civil Services 2023 Top Scorer  UPSC Civils 2023 Topper from Telugu States Celebrating Success

The UPSC Civil Services results have been announced, with a total of 1,016 individuals securing positions. Aditya Srivatsava clinched the top spot, followed by Animesh Pradhan in second place, and Donuru Ananya Reddy securing the third position. Notably, two candidates from Warangal have also made it to the list of successful candidates.

UPSC Civils 2023 Rankers from Telugu States

  • Donuru Ananya Reddy secured the third rank.
  • Mulhu Kaushik attained the 22nd rank.
  • Nandala Sai Kiran secured the 27th rank.
  • Mulhu Kaushik also secured the 82nd rank.
  • Pinkis Dheeraj Reddy secured the 173rd rank.
  • Akshay Deepak secured the 196th rank.
  • Bhanushree secured the 198th rank.
  • Pradeep Reddy secured the 382nd rank.
  • Venkatesh secured the 467th rank.
  • Hariprasad Raju secured the 475th rank.
  • Pula Dhanush secured the 480th rank.
  • K. Srinivasulu secured the 526th rank.
  • Saiteja secured the 558th rank.
  • Kiran Saimpu secured the 568th rank.
  • Marripati Nagabharat secured the 580th rank.
  • P. Bhargav secured the 590th rank.
  • Arpita secured the 639th rank.
  • Aishwarya Neelishyamala secured the 649th rank.
  • Sakshi Kumar secured the 679th rank.
  • Rajkumar Chauhan secured the 703rd rank.
  • G. Sweta secured the 711th rank.
  • Dhanunjay Kumar secured the 810th rank.
  • Lakshmi Bhanotu secured the 828th rank.
  • Ada Sandeep Kumar secured the 830th rank.
  • J. Rahul secured the 873rd rank.
  • Hanita Vemulapati secured the 887th rank.
  • K. Shashikant secured the 891st rank.
  • Kesarapu Meena secured the 899th rank.
  • Ravuri Sai Alekhya secured the 938th rank.
  • Gopada Navyashree secured the 995th rank.


number of selected candidates  UPSC Civil Services 2023 Topper List Out   UPSC Civil Services 2023 Exam Final Results Announcement

Furthermore, three individuals from Warangal district have also achieved notable ranks:

  • Jayasimha Reddy from Warangal city secured the 103rd rank and is likely to secure a position in the IAS.
  • Sayimpu Kiran from Geesukonda mandal secured the 568th rank, with prospects for IPS or IRS.
  • Kota Anil Kumar from Shivanagar secured the 764th rank and is expected to join the IRS cadre.


Published date : 17 Apr 2024 12:15PM

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