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Four year BEd course across the country; Changes in teaching methodology

The Central Education Department has taken an important decision on BEd Course. The education department has decided to bring changes in the style of the teachers in accordance with the changing teaching methods.

As part of this, it proposed to change the format of Bachelor of Education (BEd) courses across the country. The course is going to be extended to four years instead of the current two-year duration.

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A draft copy of changes in BEd courses has already been prepared. A special meeting was held in Delhi on 27th April. Higher education boards of the states and the officials of the central education department participated in it.

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In this meeting, it was decided to entrust the National Council for Teachers Education (NCTE) with the responsibility of designing new courses in BEd. In accordance with the changes brought in the National Education Policy-2020, a draft has been made with qualitative changes in the teaching profession. With the changes coming from time to time, new subjects are going to be included in BED with modern teaching method. It was decided to incorporate teaching techniques with an understanding of student psychology and careful analysis.

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Virtual and digital methods are going to be given utmost priority in the teaching plan. BEd is going to include aspects of how the teacher should recognize the knowledge acquired by the student in the real world. In accordance with the online and digital platform, the method of presenting the subject in the books with technology to make the student understand it will be included as a curriculum in BEd.

Published date : 19 May 2023 05:31PM

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