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CAT Exam 2021: Complete Details and Preparation Tips!

CAT - Common Admission‌ Test is a prestigious entrance test for admissions into B-schools in the Country. If you step into IIMs, the bright future is assured! Therefore, millions of people compete for the CAT exam every year. If you want to get admission in IIMs, you have to excel in CAT score and in many other things.
CAT Exam 2021 Preparation Tips
CAT Exam 2021 Preparation Tips

The application process for CAT 2021 has recently been completed. The exam will be held on November 28. In this context, here is a comprehensive article on the admission process of IIMs and tips useful for the students attending this year's CAT exam.

CAT 2021 has been applied by 2 lakh 30 thousand people. All the candidates are currently working towards the goal of achieving top score in this exam. 

CAT is crucial for IIMs' Admission:
It can be said that the CAT score is crucial in gaining admission in IIMs. IIMs receive special applications based on the CAT score and carry out the selection process. These institutes require candidates with a specific cut-off percentage to apply. The respective IIMs specify a cutoff of 80 percent to 95 percent in the CAT.

40 percent weightage
In the final admission process design, the CAT score gets 40% weightage. 40% to 50% weightage for group discussion and personal interviews. IIMs provide weightage of 20% for candidate profile, work experience etc.

IIMs are conducting the Written Ability Test and Group Discussion (GD) at the second stage for students who have achieved a specific cutoff percentile in CAT. The last of these will be a personal interview based on talent. If you succeed in this interview too, admission in IIM will be confirmed.

Group‌ Discussion‌

Candidates are grouped into a group discussion, given a topic and asked to discuss it. It has many elements from core to contemporary. Candidates should therefore have an understanding of the subject as well as contemporary developments from now on.

Group discussion is crucial
Candidates should note that group discussion is crucial in the second stage. The group is asked to discuss not only academic issues but also social issues in the discussion. Therefore, students from both technical and non-technical backgrounds need to develop an understanding of contemporary developments. Reasons to join Management Education in Personal Interview. For this, you have to exercise from now on.
–Ramnath. S. Kanakadandi, CAT, Course Director, Time Institute

Written Ability Test

In the Written Ability Test, questions are asked to know the views of the candidates. The answers have to be written in three hundred to four hundred words related to these topics. The questions asked are a combination of subject knowledge and social awareness.

Personal interview

Candidates who have passed the Group Discussion and Written Ability Test will be interviewed in person. The expert committee asks questions to find out the candidate's real interest in management education, his future goals, and the path he has chosen to pursue.

IIMs are giving weightage to CAT and other subjects as part of the admission process.

  • In the weightage format of one hundred marks in total, 35% to 50% of the weightage will be for GDs and PIs.
  • In the name of diversity weightage, weightage is given to gender-diversity and cultural-diversity at the rate of three to five per cent.
  • IIMs also implement an academic weightage system. Tenth class, Intermediate, Bachelor‌ degree courses have a separate weightage for each course. This weightage is considered to be ten percent per course. 
  • Special weightage is given to those who have professional qualifications within the academic weightage. This weightage is between two and three percent.


IIMs also give weightage to work experience. Candidates with work experience are getting weightage between five and ten per cent. This weightage is also based on the field in which the candidates are working and years of experience.

Gender Weightage

IIMs specifically follow the gender-diversity approach to promote women. In that order, special marks / points are given for Gender Diversity and Academic Merit along with the CAT score in the primary stage.

  • IIM Kolkata is allocating an additional three marks for female students under the name of Gender Diversity Weightage.
  • IIM Lucknow is giving two points to female students.
  • IIM Rohtak .. Gender Diversity, Non-Engineering Factors is the name given to these 30 points in the overall selection process.
  • IIM Raipur is giving 20% ​​weightage to Gender Diversity.
  • IIM – Udaipur .. 15 points; IIM-Kashipur allocates three points to gender weightage.

There are about 12,500 seats available for all courses for PG Program in Management to Fellow Program in Management. Of these, only 4318 seats are available for PG Program in Management with Bachelor's degree qualification and CAT qualification.

Published date : 01 Oct 2021 01:59PM

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