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Useful certificate courses for various branches of B. Tech

ECE is the branch which is equally in demand to CSE in the job market. Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) courses, HCL Certified Engineer, HCL Certified Network Engineer courses offered by HCL are available for this branch.
In addition, by completing certification courses in Robotics, VLSI and Nanotechnology, candidates can have fabulous opportunities in the job market. For ECE students, Fiber optic technology courses such as industrial automation, digital signal processing and robotics are also useful.

Acquire digital and latest skills
If B. Tech students want to enter the job market, they have to acquire digital and latest skills. Academic excellence is not the only measure for job guarantee. Companies offer only after examining whether students of any branch have the latest skills related to it. So students should acquire the latest skills through the means available to them.
Prof. C. Krishna Mohan, Dean, Public and Corporate Affairs, IIT-Hyderabad

Evergreen EEE
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)EEE is the evergreen branch. From the manufacturing of electric bulbs to solar power plants, this is the branch that secures employment opportunities in many companies. Students of this branch should acquire state-of-the-art skills to suit modern needs. Certification courses useful for EEE students are: Electrical Distribution System, Power Systems Analysis, Circuit Analysis, Advanced Training in Systems Engineering. In addition to supervisory control and data acquisition, obtaining certifications in distributed control systems can help them stay ahead in the job market.

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Mechanical- Always in demand
Students of Mechanical Engineering Branch who have been in the job market for many years should learn CAD, CAM; Robotics; Automation, 2 – D, 3D design and printing Six Sigma Certification, to better their chances.

The technology which is applicable to all engineering students regardless of branch now-a-days is Robotics. Machines are designed to complete all operations quickly and accurately in terms of manufacturing a service or product. Controlling them through programming and similar technology is Robotics. In addition to robotic skills, Certification courses such as Siemens, Robotics Online, Certified Automation Professional, Robotics Technician and Automation Training, Robo Genius Academy are also needed.

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Civil Engineering
The branch that provides Infrastructure Design, Structure Design, Super vision Skills, is Civil Engineering. In this regard, GIS, GPS, and 3D design technologies are at forefront in the job market. Those who have learned these can get good jobs. Certifications such as Geo Informatics Systems Certification, 3D Printing, Building Design Certification, Structural Analysis and Design, Technical Drawing and Designing are useful.

Internet of Things (IoT)
The skill that is useful to everyone regardless of the branch is, Internet of Things (IoT). Currently Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in IoT, Cisco Internet of Things, IBM Watson Internet of Things, Jet King IoT Certification Course, CCNA Certification Courses are available.

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Useful websites for Certification Courses
Skills – Highlights
  1. Modern technology in all fields.
  2. Requirement to acquire skills such as cloud computing, cyber security, AI-ML, IoT, robotics, big data.
  3. Demand in the job market with these skills.
  4. Many certification courses are available.
  5. IoT, robotics-based activities implementing in all fields.
  6. The Industrial Internet of Things is becoming a key skill in manufacturing sectors.
Published date : 02 Jun 2021 04:56PM

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