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Upgrade your skills during this Covid-19 slowdown to find jobs: Experts’ opinion

Excellent opportunities available for students who want to get a job after engineering are through campus placements. Universities and reputed colleges offer recruitment through campus placements.
Students should prepare for campus placements before the course is completed. Usually engineering colleges conduct campus placements between December and April every year. But placements were halted due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Although some companies are conducting selection processes online... dilemma prevails when the full recruitment process will begin. Let us know the latest status of engineering placements and experts' advice for long-term goals.

Covid-19 pandemic, which is worldwide, has disrupted campus recruitment in the country. Many companies have stopped their placement process. Students are worrying about the current situation. Because many companies are not interested in recruitment right now. Many companies that have already recruited students are withdrawing offers, some of them are postponing job offers.

Situation is better in corporate companies
Only the big companies like TCS, Google, Wipro, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra and Accenture are committed to job offersgiven in the campus placements. Some corporate companies are implementing a virtual on-boarding policy as the corona crisis is unlikely to end now. With the help of technology such as tele-presence and videoconferencing, employees are facilitated to work from anywhere. Such organizations are training candidates online and allowing them to work from home.

Slowing down
Changes in the job market due to corona crisis will have the impact in the future also. There are opportunities in the financial, healthcare and allied sectors but, recruitment in other sectors is likely to slow down. So, companies are more likely to offer jobs if the candidates have extraordinary skills.

With these skills
In the future, the selection process in the campus placements may become more complicated. companies are looking for candidates' basic knowledge along with practical knowledge, software skills. They are offering jobs for candidates with learning perspectives and who can adopt the skills necessary for them. Companies are especially are looking for those who have the skills to work from anywhere. So in the era of changing technology, experts say that engineering students must continuously strive to develop the skills needed for companies, along with practical knowledge

Learning is important
In today's competitive world, it is important to update skills and develop knowledge continuously to find a job in the placements and to survive the career. For this, you can depend on the latest technology in MOOCs and online channels. This leisure time should also be used to enhance knowledge. Companies are also looking during recruitment at the perspective of enhancing knowledge in the candidate. So, candidates should therefore constantly be aware of the changes that are taking place in their field and the new technology that is available.

Sharpen basic skills with latest developments. Thus, after the crisis is over, you will be able to handle the situation. Though there is a break in campus placements now, many companies are offering internship opportunities. They have to update knowledge, develop real-time experience and adaptability of skills, practical orientation skills. Develop complete knowledge of the actual work environment of the organization. Awareness of new technologies and strategies in the relevant field is needed.

Update skills
The Covid-19 pandemic has made the closure of colleges, disrupted the conducting of exams, and campus placements as well. Some companies are offering internship opportunities online. By providing students data we are requesting the companies to conduct campus placements. Companies are already training online and providing work from home to the selected candidates. The impact of corona crisis on future placements cannot be estimated. But you can grab the opportunities if you improve the skills that suits the needs of the organization.
- Prof. J. Suresh Kumar, Placement Officer, JNTUH College of Engineering, Hyderabad.

Don't waste time
Covid-19 has a negative impact not only on campus placements of engineering but on many areas. As a result, only a handful of campus placements have been scheduled since December. Rest of the placements are uncertain. Students should not only rely on campus placements but take advantage of all the opportunities offered. Some companies are conducting online testing and interviews and selecting candidates. First-time job seekers shouldn't look for permanent jobs as in the past. At present, trying to get a project is more beneficial than looking for a job in any organization. Preference will be given to project or skill-based jobs in the future. Hence, students should strive to develop the appropriate competencies. Companies offer remote internship opportunities. By getting them, students can create awareness about jobs in future. Learn on your own and concentrate to execute the learned things. Freshers must customize their perspective to work remotely. try to develop appropriate skills without wasting the precious time.
-GR Reddy, Founder, Husys Consultancy
Published date : 08 Jul 2020 04:39PM

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