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Breaking News: No prelims in Group-2, 3 Exams!!

The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission hopes to make changes in the examination procedure for recruitment of posts other than Group-1 jobs.
APPSC plans to remove prelims examination system for other cadre posts like Group 2 and 3 jobs. It is learned that for the recruitment of posts in all categories including Group-1, the first prelims / screening test has been conducted and those who have qualified in it have to take mains test. However, the commission intends to repeal the prelims for other cadre posts, including Group-2 and Group-3. Only one examination will be conducted and merit candidates will be selected for the respective posts. The commission sources said that proposals are being prepared in this regard.

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Burden on candidates... Benefit to coaching centers:
Some companies are charging heavily in the name of coaching while candidates face severe financial burden and expense with the coaching for prelims. Previously only Group-1 posts had prelims and mains examination system. Group-2 and Group-3 posts were selected through a single test. Since the TDP came to power in 2014, it has made changes in the recruitment process to benefit its own coaching centers. It has given notifications under the new system for the recruitment of 4,009 posts in 2018. This meant that candidates had to bear the financial burden of preparing for the exams and spend years. Many quit their jobs and poured money into coaching centers.

The coaching mafia that ruled the commission…
While the previous government was in power, people close to the party leaders ran coaching centers in various places, including Hyderabad, and ran APPSC. At that time, there were allegations that the APPSC was being run by the coaching mafia. Criticisms have been leveled that a person was also involved in the design of various competitive examination question papers. It has been alleged that those trained in their respective coaching centers were given seats in the same examination center, almost in the same room, to allow mass copying. Screen shots of the questions in the Group 2 prelims came out shortly after the test started. The previous government had also done injustice to the unemployed candidates by abolishing the selection process in the ratio of 1:50 to those eligible for Prelims to Mains. By reducing this to 1:15, the candidates suffered a loss. Anyone with concerns about the Commission's conduct or going to the courts will have their names blacklisted. During the last government, many questions, including Group-1, were chaotic with false questions and false answer options. The fact that the questions and answers were one way in English and another way in Telugu was detrimental to the candidates. In Group-1 and Group-2, more than 50 questions were found to be erroneous, which necessitated re-examination. With the decisions of the previous government and the commission, all the notifications became embroiled in legal disputes and the posts were not filled. Eventually minus marks were added to the departmental examinations conducted for government employees and they got into trouble.

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For the good of the candidates ... to check the exploitation of the coaching centers …
APPSC focused on radical changes to check the exploitation of coaching centers. As a part of this, it hopes to abolish the prelims / screening process. Commission sources said that this would be to the benefit of the candidates as well as to curb the influx of coaching centers. The Commission has taken several steps to ensure that the candidates benefit from the YSRCP government. The department canceled the minus marks in the tests, changed the selection ratio of candidates from Prelims to Mains from 1:15 to 1:50. The Commission, which has taken several steps like this, is freshly preparing proposals to abolish prelims for posts in categories other than Group-1.

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Faster Recruitment Process...
Irregularities and deficiencies in the commission during the previous government have led to many notifications of recruitment for the posts being embroiled in controversy. When the YSRCP government came to power, the PSR Anjaneyulu, who had been appointed as the Commission's secretary, took steps to make the recruitment faster. The selection of candidates for 2,310 posts was completed in the shortest possible time. These include 299 Assistant Executive Engineers, 1,051 Panchayat Secretaries, 192 Junior Lecturers, 440 Group-2 Cadre posts, 49 Assistant Statistical Officers, 32 Fisheries Development Officers, 26 Agriculture Officers, 87 Grade 2 EO posts and so on. In addition, 169 Group 1 posts, 405 Polytechnic Lecturer posts, 308 Degree College Lecturer posts, 430 Forest Beat Officer posts and up to 1,800 other posts are in the process of being filled.
Published date : 18 Jun 2021 11:46AM

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