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APPSC: Transparency and impartiality with digital evaluation

APPSC Secretary PS Anjaneyulu said that the Group-1 Mains (2018 Notification) answer sheets conducted by the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) will be evaluated manually.
PSR Anjaneyulu
Manual evaluation in Group-1 mains

Results will be announced in three months. In this regard, we are taking the next steps in respect of the High Court judgment on the Group-1 Mains Digital Evaluation. He spoke to the media on October 4 in Vijayawada. Notifications will be issued soon for 190 Assistant Engineer and 670 Junior Engineer posts. He said the government was working on increasing the number of Group-1 and Group-2 posts. Notification will be given as soon as it is completed. He said that GO had been issued to cancel the interviews in Group-1. He said that they are in consultation with the government on its implementation.

Transparency and impartiality with digital evaluation
The court only objected to how the digital evaluation could be done without mentioning it in the notification. He said the policy was not flawed. It has been clarified that digital evaluation will be implemented for all upcoming notifications. He said that despite the high cost, transparency, impartiality and full justice would be done to the deserving candidates. Although the notification did not mention the digital evaluation of Group-1 Mains, it was reminded that the candidates have been informed before the examinations. This was welcomed without any opposition from the candidates. However, some non-selected in Group-1 Mains candidates have gone to court to dispute digital evaluation.

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Digital‌ evaluation in scientific approach
Some of the candidates who got selected in Civils were not selected in Group-1. He said there were many instances where those selected as IPS in the Civils would not even pass the prelims if they later wrote the Civils again for the IAS. Candidate selection will be based on the talent shown in the day-to-day examination, he said. Digital evaluation is done in a very scientific way. He said APPSC was acting very transparently. He recalled that during the last 18 months Corona also they recruited more than 3 thousand posts out of 4 thousand posts in 32 notifications. No other state in the country has recruited so many posts. Eligible candidates for the remaining 450 posts were either left vacant. Another 550 posts could not be recruited with court cases.

APPSC New notifications

PSR‌ Anjaneyulu said that notifications will be issued for the recruitment of several new posts. He said notifications of several posts were already ready for release. He explained that it is not possible to announce a calendar with all posts at once. He said the availability of test centers and examination dates of other departments would also have to be taken into consideration as the tests would be conducted online.


Published date : 05 Oct 2021 05:10PM

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