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SRM University-AP Kicks Off Thrilling Cultural Fest "Infinitus"

SRM University-AP Kicks Off Thrilling Cultural Fest Infinitus

SRM University-AP proudly inaugurated its much-awaited cultural extravaganza, "Infinitus," promising unparalleled entertainment, artistic expression, and cultural immersion. The inauguration ceremony, graced by Dr R Premkumar, Registrar; Mr Anil Kumar Nigam, Director of Student Affairs; Ms Revathi Balakrishnan, Associate Director of Student Affairs; representatives from the Student Council, and all students marked the commencement of an exhilarating journey filled with captivating performances, interactive workshops, and engaging cultural activities. 

“This cultural fest is a celebration of the kaleidoscope of human expression. Through Infinitus, we invite our students to unleash their inner artists, break free from the confines of routine, and immerse themselves in a whirlwind of inspiration," remarked Registrar, Dr R Premkumar. Mr Anil Kumar Nigam, Director-Student Affairs, declared, "Infinitus is a platform of wonders that binds you together not just as spectators but as active participants in this symphony of cultures, forging connections across boundaries".

Ms Revathi Balakrishnan, Associate Director of Student Affairs, in her address, said, “Embrace the thrill of competition and discover the boundless potential within you. I commend the Student Council for their exceptional dedication in organising these events”.

President of the Student Council, Pritam Vallabhaneni, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming festivities, stating that Infinitus is not just an event; it is a celebration of creativity, talent, and inclusivity. Vice President of the Student Council, Niruktha Vadlamudi, warmly welcomed all students to the fest, providing an exciting glimpse into the festivities.

Infinitus 2024 is a cultural extravaganza like no other, with a star-studded lineup of performances and events that will captivate audiences from all walks of life. From March 21-24, 2024, the sprawling campus of SRM University-AP will pulsate with energy as students from various colleges assemble to celebrate diversity and unity through various cultural showcases. The highlight of the grand cultural fiesta will be a mesmerising concert by Bollywood sensation Neeti Mohan, who will take centre stage, enthralling the crowd with her melodious voice on the grand finale of the fest on March 24th. Attendees can also witness pro shows featuring renowned artists like Moksha Band, Haricharan, DJ Notorious, Telugu DJ, and Mouli's stand-up comedy.

In addition to the main event, the pre-Infinitus celebrations were spectacular. Myriad activities, including musical nights, carnivals, flash mobs, dance nights, and much more, set the stage for an epic cultural experience.

The extravaganza promises a plethora of activities catering to diverse interests. Cultural programs including Western and classical music and dance, theatre performances, fashion walks, creative arts segments, anime contests, quiz competitions, e-Sports tournaments, photography contests, and interactive games such as "How I Met Your Murderer" and "Mouse Busters: Water Gun Battle" will regale the audience throughout the event. 

Published date : 22 Mar 2024 07:06PM

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