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Mahindra University to host Aether, Techno-Cultural fest from April 6-9

Mahindra University has it’s stage up and blazing to host “Aether,” its annual techno-cultural fest starting from April 6 to April 9, 2023. It is one of Hyderabad’s biggest college fests, with multiple events and a thrilling line-up of artists from all over the country.
Mahindra University to host Aether, Techno-Cultural fest from April 6-9
Mahindra University to host Aether, Techno-Cultural fest from April 6-9

A greatly anticipated feature of the fest is “Battle of the Bands”, where multiple teams from various colleges and universities compete to bag the title for The Best Band and a chance to show how well they can make the audience groove to their beats.

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Aether won’t be complete without “Battle of Beats.” It’s exactly what you think, an inter-college dance competition where teams get to dance their hearts out and show all their flair through their moves and be crowned the champion of dance.

“Mirai Capture The Flag” is an innovative cybersecurity competition where teams are pitted against each other in a test of their cybersecurity skills. Teams of 3 are provided with gamified versions of vulnerable machines, which they must exploit and retrieve a text flag hidden within it.

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Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Aether presents “Treasure Hunt,” an exciting game of clues and puzzles where teams get to run around and test both their mental and physical agility as well as their problem-solving skills. 

Another event that everyone is looking forward to is, g“Mastershot Film Screening" , where the audience will be able to discover the talent of Mahindra University’s film making team and the magic they portray in their films.

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Aether includes multiple other features and competitions like Ideastorm, Repartee - The Annual Debate, Photography 101 Workshop, Battle of the Voices, Swift Arrow by Decathlon, Electronics Escape Room, Suddenly Story and many more. 

For further more information about the event and registration, click on this link 

Hosting a Red Carpet event for the students of MU is Aether's tradition. The students get to dress up to their hearts' desire and get their picture taken while posing on a red carpet. This year, the Red Carpet evening will come to a close with a fantastic performance by 'Maikam', the band!

Last but not the least, the fest concludes on April 9 with Pro Shows. This year we have 'Varnam', the band performing for us, followed by the one and only Ritviz. These incredible artists performing for the Pro-Shows this year are definitely going to make the crowd feel euphoric, and give them an evening to remember.

Mahindra University is all geared up to host Aether for students who want to experience a true techno-cultural college fest at its finest and display their many talents in various fields.

Published date : 04 Apr 2023 06:07PM

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