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A Historic Agreement for Tripura: Tripra Motha Signed

A Historic Agreement for Tripura: Tripra Motha Signed    Tripra Motha signifies a landmark agreement for Tripura.

A significant tripartite agreement known as Tripra Motha was signed in New Delhi. This agreement signifies a major development for the state of Tripura.

Key Points of the Agreement:

  • The agreement involves the Government of India, the Government of Tripura, The Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA), popularly known as Tripra Motha, and other stakeholders.

  • The pact aims to amicably resolve issues concerning Tripura's indigenous people, focusing on:

  • History, Land, and Political Rights

  • Economic Development

  • Identity, Culture, and Language

  • A Joint Working Group/Committee will be established to work out and implement solutions for these issues within a specific timeframe.

  • To ensure a peaceful environment for implementation, all stakeholders agree to refrain from protests or agitations from the date of signing.

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Significance of the Agreement:

  • This agreement marks a crucial step towards resolving long-standing concerns of Tripura's indigenous communities. As stated by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the Modi government has actively addressed various issues through dialogue, resulting in 11 agreements related to borders, identity, language, and culture.

  • The Tripra Motha agreement specifically signifies peace and development for Tripura, aiming to create a dispute-free future for the state and ensuring the protection of rights for all its citizens.

Published date : 04 Mar 2024 05:34PM

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