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Intermediate: 1st Year Zoology Model Paper -1

SECTION – 1         
VSAQ. Answer all questions                                                                 10 x 2 =20
1) What is meant by tautonymy? Give two examples.
2) Write the full form of IUCN. In which book threatened species are enlisted?
3)Mention the animals that exhibited a ‘tube-within-a-tube’ organization for the first time. Name their body cavity.
4)What is a sesamoid bone? Give an example.
5)What are the excretory cells of flatworms called? What is the other important function of these specialized cells?
6)What is the essential difference between the juveniles and adults of echinoderms, symmetry wise?
7) Define conjugation with reference to ciliates. Give two examples.
8) What is a hyper parasite? Mention the name of one hyperparasite.
9) In which way does tobacco affect the respiration? Name the alkaloid found in tobacco.
10) Explain the difference between the ‘niche’ of an organism and its ‘habitat’.

SECTION – II        
SAQ.. Answer any 6 of the following                                              6 x 4 = 24
11) Explain ‘Rivet popper hypothesis’.
12) Describe the types of cartilages.
13) What are the salient features exhibited by polychaetes?
14) Compare and contrast cartilaginous and bony fishes.
15) What are the modifications that are observed in birds that help them in flight?
16) What are lateral appendages? Based on their presence and absence, write the various types of flagella giving at least one example for each type.
17) Describe the process of transverse binary fission in Paramecium.
18) Prevention is better than cure. Justify with regard to TDA abuse.

LAQ.. answer any 2                                                                         2 x 8 = 16
19)Classify and describe the epithelial tissues on the basis fo structural modification of cells with examples.
20) Describe the life cycle of Plasmodium vivax in mosquito
21) Give an account of various types of interactions among the animal species of an ecosystem.


Published date : 17 Jul 2021 04:47PM

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