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Intermediate: 1st Year Chemistry Model Paper -1

IPE First Year Model Paper

Section – A
10 x 2 = 20M
I. Very short answer type questions.
i) Answer any 10 Questions. ii) Each question carries two marks.
1. State Dalton’s law of partial pressure.
2. Mention the shape and hybridization on the central atom in the following
a) PCl5 b) C2H4
3. What is Entropy.
4. What is a Bronsted Base? Give one example?
5. Calculate the mass of Na2CO3 required to prepare 250ml of 0.5N solution.
6. Lithium salts are most readily hydrated. Why?
7. What is plaster of Paris? Describe the importance of plaster of Paris.
8. How do you explain higher stability of HCl3?
9. Name nay two Man-made silicates.
10. Write the IUPAC names of
b) CH3 - CH = C(CH3)2
Section – B
6 x 4 = 24M
II. Short answer type questions.
i) Attempt any six Questions. ii) Each question carries four marks.
11. Define dipole moment.
a) Why the dipole moment of CO2 is zero.
b) Why the dipole moment of BCl3 is zero.
12. Balance the following redox equation in acidic medium by ion-electron method?
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13. Derive the ideal gas equation from gas laws?
14. Explain Lewis Acid-Base theory with two examples each?
15. State and explain Hess’s law of constant heat summation?
16. How is Ethylene is prepared from
a) 1,2-Dibromo Ethane b)Ethyl Alcohol
17. What do you understand by
a) Allotropy b)Inert pair effect c)Catenation
18. a)Explain the terms hard water and soft water
b)How hardness of water is removed by Calgon process.


Section – C
2 x 8 = 16M

III. Long answer type questions.
i) Attempt any two Questions. ii) Each question carries eight marks.
19. How are the quantum numbers n,l and m are arrived at? Explain the significance of these quantum numbers.
20. Write on essay on s,p,d and f-block elements.
21. Give two methods of preparation of acetylene? How does it reacts with
a) H2O and b) Ozone

Published date : 17 Jul 2021 04:46PM

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