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Schools reopened

The school bells rang in Telangana. With the closure of schools due to the corona, after 17 months the students are coming back to schools.

The RTA is whipping non-compliant school buses. In Rajendranagar, transport department officials carried out inspections. Authorities seized 12 school buses.
The state government left the decision to the parents whether to send their children to school or not. Made it clear that there would be both online and offline. However, along with the gurukuls, the opening of welfare hostels was halted. Following the interim orders of the state high court on the resumption of educational institutions, the education department issued new guidelines to this effect.

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No changes have been made in the guidelines given earlier on the implementation of covid regulations and sanitation in schools. Already, government schools are conducting online classes through Doordarshan and T-SAT. With the latest government guidelines, private schools have been able to continue teaching online through teachers.

Governor Tamilsai visited Raj Bhavan School
Governor Tamilsai visited Raj Bhavan School on Wednesday (01-09-2021) morning. Afterwards, she said that children are aware of wearing a mask. Only small children are not wearing masks properly. The governor said that she was happy to talk to the students. She directed the authorities to expedite the vaccination of children. Tamilsai congratulated the parents for sending their students to schools with courage.

Published date : 01 Sep 2021 04:36PM

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