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TS 10th Class Hindi Paper Leak!!

The leak of the 10th class exam question papers is creating a stir in Telangana. The Hindi paper was also leaked on Tuesday.

As you know TS 10th class Telugu paper was leaked yesterday by the invigilator. Again, today Hindi paper was doing the rounds on WhatsApp right at the start of the exam.

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A Hindi paper has come out in Warangal district. The paper came out at 9.30 am. The paper went live in WhatsApp groups of Tenth students. Leaking of papers one after another shows the negligence of the authorities. Students who have studied for a year are getting upset hearing the news of the leak. Meanwhile, the police officials said that the paper was on whatsapp groups after 1 hour of the exam started. They said the details will be revealed after investigation.

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The 10th class exams started across Telangana from Monday (April 3). The leak of the Telugu paper on the first day caused concern. If yesterday the paper came out seven minutes late... But today the paper went live on social media exactly at the exam time. Although the government has already taken steps in the case of Telugu paper leakage, it does not seem to have yielded any results. On the other hand, the parents of the students are expressing concern over the leakage incidents.

Published date : 04 Apr 2023 06:27PM

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