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Study in Germany

By D Anoop Kumar, GM
Visu International Limited.

Among all European countries, Germany stands for second most populous nation and is a key member of the continent's economic, administration and defense development organizations. it has the largest population among member states of the European Union with approximately 81.8 million population and moderate seasonal climate. Two German separate states were formed in 1949 and they unified in 1990.

Why Germany
Germany universities provide world’s best traditional classrooms lectures, theoretical work with its practical application, which helps them to achieve bright future at their workplace.
Germany has high standard of living, more secured society and a key position in European affairs, in scientific research and technical fields by maintaining friendly relationship around the world.

Among the attractions for international students is the increasing availability in Germany of courses taught entirely in English, so much so that students can complete degrees without ever having to speak German.

There are more than 330 institutions of higher education, out of which 117 are universities, 159 and 56 colleges of music and fine arts. All these offer a wide range of interdisciplinary degree programs some of which also in English. As a part of the procedure of Bologna process, recently German universities and are offering degrees which are equivalent to Bachelor and Master’s programs.

Germany is a major player in the global higher education marketplace, hosting over 244,000 international students in 2010.

Top 10 sending places of origin and percentage of total international student enrollment (as per iienetwork) :
  1. China 10.0%
  2. Turkey 9.9%
  3. Russia 5.2%
  4. Poland 4.6%
  5. Ukraine 3.6%
  6. Bulgaria 3.6%
  7. Austria 3.2%
  8. Italy 3.1%
  9. Morocco 2.6%
  10. France 2.5%
Type of Universities
  • Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen)
  • Colleges of Art, Film and Music
  • Private Universities/Church Maintained Universities
  • Universities
General Type of Degrees
  • 2 years diploma
  • 4-6 years Diplom (in the sciences)
  • Magister (in the arts) equivalent to M. Sc.
  • M.A. / Magister Artium
  • Doctoral
Academic Year
  • Summer semester (April - September)
  • Winter Semester (October – March)
Published date : 21 Oct 2011 05:43PM

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