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TOEFL for School Children

To help students who are studying English as a foreign language, Educational Testing Service (ETS) has launched the TOEFL Junior test, a global assessment of middle school-level English language proficiency.

The TOEFL Junior test is a low-stakes assessment that measures the degree to which younger students have attained the language proficiency representative of English-medium instructional environments.

The TOEFL Junior paper-based test (pBT) contains three sections –
  • Listening comprehension (ability to listen for basic, interpersonal purposes, ability to listen for instructional purposes and ability to listen for academic purposes)
  • Reading comprehension (ability to read and comprehend academic texts, ability to read and comprehend non-academic texts) and
  • Language form and meaning (ability to demonstrate proficiency in key enabling skills such as grammar and vocabulary in context)

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Published date : 02 Nov 2010 06:12PM

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