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MCAT: Medical College Admission Test

MCAT is a mandatory exam to get admissions in undergraduate courses in the U.S medical schools. Along with the other additional admission factors, Medical school admission team considers MCAT score as a primary factor in admitting the aspirants. MCAT tests the problem solving, critical thinking, and writing and science knowledge skills of the medical aspirants. Many of the medical schools do not consider the MCAT score, if the medical aspirants took the exam more than three years back.


• MCAT is conducted twice a year by the AAMC (Association of American Medical Council) in April and August.

MCAT consists of four parts: Verbal Reasoning, Problems from Physical Sciences, Writing Samples and Biological Problems including Organic Chemistry.

• Except the Writing sample section, each section of MCAT is given a score in the scale of 1 to 15. Retaking MCAT is offered to candidates. But it is advisable not to retake MCAT exam, as there is lesser chance of scoring with prominent difference. The reason being, both your performances will be taken for consideration after taking the average of the two.

• MCAT will basically test the knowledge of your medical school pre-requisite courses and human physiology. MCAT will not test your Mathematics knowledge.

Test Fees: US$225.

Books: MCAT by Dr. Brett Ferdinand.
Published date : 30 Aug 2009 05:57PM

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