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Cambridge University’s Advanced English Exam in India

The Cambridge University’s, department English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) has introduced its Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) in India. The CAE exam has been designed to evaluate a candidate’s communication skills needed to carry out complex academic and professional tasks in English. It is accepted by the UK Border Agency and more than 2500 institutions. Cambridge ESOL offers a suite of exams at different levels, CAE being at C1, required to pursue university-level academic courses.

In addition to being recognised as an indicator of a student’s English language proficiency for certain visa and academic purposes, the CAE has the advantage of getting him/her tariffs points in universities and colleges admission service application for full-time undergraduate programmes in Britain.
There are 40 centres for Cambridge ESOL tests in India. The fee for CAE is Rs.3500 whereas the IELTS test costs Rs.7200.

UKBA approved a total of 13 English language qualifications. The CAE was one of 11 Cambridge qualifications that the UKBA approved for Tier-4 student visa applicants. It’ll be beneficial for those applying under Tier-2 of the UK's point-based visa system and Tier-2 covers sponsored skilled workers with a job offer.

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Published date : 24 Feb 2011 04:58PM

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