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TS Zonal System: Employees to be transferred to the new districts/ zones

The Telangana state government has announced that all employees in the old districts and zonal posts should apply for allotments in the new district, zonal and multi-zonal cadres.
TS Zonal System
TS Zonal System: Employees to be transferred to the new districts/ zones

Employees should indicate their priorities in chronological order in the prescribed format. If any employee does not apply, the relevant authorities will make allocations as per the rules. If there are priorities beyond the availability of posts anywhere, the selection will be done on the basis of seniority of the employees. 

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It is known that the President has issued the ‘Telangana Public Employment’ (Organization of Local Cadres and Regulation of Direct Recruitment) Order-2018, redistributing the cadre of employees in the state into 33 districts, 7 zones and 2 multi-zones. Accordingly, the division of number of posts (cadre strength) into new districts, zones and multi zonal cadres has already been completed. The government has taken steps to allocate employees accordingly. Established district and state level committees to review employee priorities and make allocations.

Employees on leave, suspension, training, deputation, and foreign services are also taken into account, leaving no one in the allocation. After allocations they are considered to be continuing in leave, suspension, deputation, training, foreign service in the new local cadres.

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The division of district cadre employees is as follows -

  • For all posts in the new districts within the joint district, all employees in the joint district will be considered.
  • The new districts of Hanmakonda, Bhupalpally, Mahabubabad, Mulugu, Siddipet, Mahabubnagar, Vikarabad and Rangareddy were formed by merging areas belonging to more than one joint district. In this context, the employees of the old districts of Karimnagar, Warangal, Khammam, Nallagonda, Mahabubnagar and Rangareddy will be given the opportunity to work in the new districts within the joint district as well as in the new districts where the area of ​​the joint district meets.

Zonal cadre allocations are as follows:

  • Subject to the number of employees determined for the new zonal / multizonal cadres, all employees in the old zonal cadre will be considered for assignments.
  • Old 5th Zone employees will be considered for allocations in the new orders of the President for Zones 1–4 (excluding posts in Nizamabad, Kamareddy, Medak District, Siddipet area under Joint Medak District) and posts in Janagama District in Zone-5.
  • Old Zone-6 cadre employees are being considered for allocation to Zones 5, 6 and 7 in the new orders (excluding posts in Janagama district), Nizamabad district in Zone-2, Kamareddy in Zone-3 and Siddipet in Medak district in the joint Medak district.

For Multi zone posts: 

  • Old 5th Zone employees will be considered for allotments in Multi Zone-1 (excluding Nizamabad, Kamareddy and Medak districts as well as Siddipet area in the joint Medak district) and posts in Janagama district in Mulit-zone-2.
  • Old 6th Zone employees will be considered for allotment to posts in Multi Zone-2 (excluding posts in Janagama district) and posts in Nizamabad, Kamareddy, Medak and Joint Medak in Siddipet in Multi Zone-1.
  • The President has divided some posts which were not applicable to the old orders into multizonal posts in the new orders. Employees in such posts will be assigned employees of the old multizone cadre to any new multizone.

For some special categories:
The guidelines state that allocations will be made to new local cadres irrespective of seniority, subject to certain specific factors. Employees are required to submit appropriate proofs in order to receive an assignment under these special categories.

  • 70 per cent more with disabilities, widows who got employment under compassionate appointment fall under the special category.
  • Employees with children with mental disabilities are given postings where medical facilities are available.
  • Those who have had cancer, neurosurgery, kidney / liver transplant, open heart surgery .. are considered in the same order.

‘Spouse’ transfers after partition

  • If the spouses are sent to different cadres in the current allocation, cadre‌ exchange will be added once the allocations are completed. They will be placed in the same local cadre subject to governance requirements, depending on the availability of posts. 
  • Any employee who has an objection to the allocation should apply to the relevant departmental secretary. The government will take a look and fix it.

In which new districts are the employees of the old districts eligible?

  • Adilabad: Adilabad, Komurambhim – Asifabad, Manchiryala, Nirmal
  • Hyderabad: Hyderabad
  • Karimnagar: Hanmakonda (part), Jagityala, Jayashankar – Bhupalpally (part), Karimnagar, Peddapalli, Rajannasirisilla, Siddipet (part) 
  • Khammam: Bhadradri – Kottagudem, Khammam, Mahabubabad (part), Mulugu (part)
  • Mahabubnagar: Jogulamba-Gadwala, Mahabubnagar (part), Nagarkurnool, Narayanpet, Rangareddy (part), Vikarabad (part), Vanaparthi
  • Medak‌: Medak, Sangareddy, Siddipet (Part)
  • Nallagonda: Nallagonda, Suryapeta, Yadadri – Bhuvanagiri
  • Nizamabad: Kamareddy, Nizamabad
  • Rangareddy: Mahabubnagar (part), Medchal – Malkajgiri, Rangareddy (part), Vikarabad (part)
  • Warangal: Hanmakonda (Part), Janagam, Jayashankar Bhupalpally (Part), Mahabubabad (Part), Mulugu (Part), Siddipet (Part), Warangal

Which new zones and multizones are eligible for old zonal and multizonal employees?

(Zone-5) Warangal, Khammam, Adilabad, Karimnagar

  • Multizone – 1
    • Zone-1 (Kaleswaram): Komurambhim – Asifabad, Manchiryala, Peddapalli, Jayashankar Bhupalapalli, Mulugu
    • Zone-2: (Basra) Adilabad, Nirmal, Jagityala
    • Zone-3 (Rajanna): Karimnagar, Rajanna – Sirisilla, Siddipet (formerly Warangal – Karimnagar districts)
    • Zone-4 (Bhadradri): Bhadradri - Kottagudem, Khammam, Mahabubabad, Warangal, Hanmakonda
  • Multizone – 2
    • Zone – 5– Janagam

(Zone-4) Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Mahabubnagar, Nallagonda, Nizamabad, Medak

  • Multizone – 1
    • Zone-2 (Basra): Nizamabad
    • Zone-3 (Rajanna): Siddipet (formerly Medak District), Medak, Kamareddy
  • Multizone – 2 
    • Zone-5 (Yadadri): Suryapeta, Nallagonda, Yadadri - Bhubaneswar
    • Zone-6 (Charminar): Medchal - Malkajgiri, Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Sangareddy, Vikarabad 
    • Zone-7 (Jogulamba): Mahabubnagar, Narayanpet, Jogulamba-Gadwala, Vanaparthi

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Published date : 08 Dec 2021 11:58AM

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