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Sentence Correction - Error Spotting

Assignment -1

  1. He has received no other message than an urgent telegram asking him to rush village soon.
    (a) Asked him to rush his village
    (b) Asking him to have to his village
    (c) Asking him to rush to his village
    (d) Asking him rushing at his village
    (e) No correction required
  2. We must take it granted that Anju will not come for today's function.
    (a) take it for granted
    (b) taking it granted
    (c) Took it as granted
    (d) have it granted
    (e) Non correction
  3. I earnestly believe that you will visit our relatives during your trip to Mumbai.
    (a) had hardly believe that
    (b) sincerely believe
    (c) Certainly believing that
    (d) could not believe
    (e) No correction required
  4. The train will leave at 8.30 pm, we have been ready by 7.30 pm so that we can reach the station in time
    (a) Were
    (b) must be
    (c) are
    (d) should have
    (e) No correction required
  5. Binita unnecessarily picked up a quarrel with Sanjay and left the party.
    (a) Has picked up
    (b) picked on
    (c) picked
    (d) Picking up
    (e) No correction required
  6. Raja has the guts to rise from the occasion and come out successfully.
    (a) in rising from
    (b) to raise with
    (c) to rise against
    (d) to rise to
    (e)No correction required
  7. I need not offer any explanation, my behaviour is speaking itself.
    (a) Will speak to itself
    (b) speaks for itself
    (c) Has been speaking
    (d) speaks about itself
    (e) No correction
  8. Prashant could reached by now if he had gone by taxi.
    (a) Could reach
    (b) reached
    (c) should reach
    (d) Could have reached
    (e) No correction
  9. Last year the Club has received a large donation.
    (a) Had received
    (b) has to receive
    (c) has to receive
    (d) receives
    (e) No correction required
  10. Sangita has managed to complete the work I gave her.
    (a) Would have managed
    (b) has management
    (c) had to manage
    (d) has to manage
    (e) No correction
  11. Venkat tries to make me change my mind but I was firm.
    (a) Tried
    (b) trying
    (c) would try
    (d) had been tried
    (e) No correction required
  12. Naveen has left when I reached his home.
    (a) Has to leave
    (b) had left
    (c) had leave
    (d) leaves
    (e) No correction
  13. Naturally, with everything gone so well for them, it was time for celebration.
    (1) Go so well
    (2) going so well
    (3) gone as well
    (4) Going as well
    (5) No correction required
  14. The ban was imposed by the state's commercial taxes department last Fri day after protests by a certain community, which had threat to burn cinema hall s screening the controversial movie.
    (1) Had threats of burning
    (2) had threaded to burn
    (3) Had threatened to burn
    (4) Had threatened to burning
    (5) No correction required
  15. Rakesh, an avid football player who captained his team in school and college, will inaugurate the match tomorrow in Pune.
    (1) will be inaugurate
    (2) is inauguration
    (3) Will inaugurating
    (4) is inaugurate
    (5) No correction
  16. At a musical night organised for them, the artistic side of the doctors came as forward, as they sang beautifully and made the evening truly memorable.
    (1) come forward
    (2) come to the fore
    (3) came to the forth
    (4) came to the fore
    (5)No correction
  17. Although scared of heights, she gather all her courage and stood atop the 24-storey building to participate in the activities.
    (1) gathered all her courage
    (2) gathered all courageous
    (3) gather all courageous
    (4) is gathered all courage
    (5) No correction required
  18. Aruna is wiser than all her friends.
    1) More wise than most of
    2) more wise than all of
    3) more wiser than most of
    4) more wise than most of
    5) No Correction Required
  19. Diet-conscious people wouldn't be liked to have ice cream after dinner.
    1) Wouldn’t like to
    2) would be like not to
    3) would be liking to not
    4) would be not liked to
    5) No Correction
  20. Sumedh has such a sweet voice that it is nice of hearing him.
    1) it is nice for hearing
    2) it is nice to hear
    3) it is nice to give hearing
    4) it is nice of hearing
    5) No Correction
  21. As the road was dusty, the journey was not comfort.
    1) Had no comfortable
    2) was no with comfort
    3) had been no comfort
    4) was not comfortable
    5) No Correction
  22. It is not true that a person who is good into studies is necessarily intelligent.
    1) is good into study
    2) is good at studies
    3) has best at study
    4) has been good to studies
    5) No Correction
  23. Donations received by the Trust will be proper accounted for.
    1) Will be properly account for
    2) would be proper accounted for
    3) will be properly accounted for
    4) Shall be proper and accounted
    5) No Correction Required
  24. I have not get my cheque cashed on that day, as it was a bank holiday.
    1) Cannot get
    2) will not get
    3) have not got
    4) Should not have got
    5) No Correction Required
  25. Dancing and participate in drama are her favourite pastimes.
    1) Dancing and participating
    2) Dances and participations
    3) Dance and participated
    4) Dancing and participations
    5) No Correction required
  26. He admitted to me that he had not adequate prepared for the test.
    1) Was not adequate prepared
    2) Had not adequately prepared
    3) Had not adequately preparations
    4) was not adequately preparations
    5) No Correction Required
  27. This exercise is considerably difficult for all those who suffer with cough.
    1) Who suffer from
    2) which suffer from
    3) Who suffers from
    4) who were suffered from
    5) No Correction
  28. Having face with the difficulty of identifying genuinely sick units, the Central Govt is contemplating reviewing of the Sick industrial Companies Act.
    1) Being face the
    2) Faced with
    3) Facing of
    4) Face to face
    5) No correction required
  29. Plagued by the popularity of Kaun Banega Crorepati film exhibitors have decided to approach Amitabh Bachchan to trouble shoot
    1) Plague by
    2) Plagued off
    3) Being plagued of
    4) Plague with
    5) No correction required
  30. After the indications given off, the large number of Information Technology professionals in the country will multiply rapidly in the coming years.
    1) After the indication showing
    2) Unfurling the indications
    3) Given the indications
    4) Seeing the indications
    5) No correction required,
  31. There is a long feeling of need that the Constitution should be reviewed at least after 50
    years of experience.
    1) a great feeling of need
    2) always a long feeling
    3) being a long feel of need
    4) a long felt need
    5) No correction required
  32. Since we are living in New Delhi for five years, we are reluctant to move to another city.
    1) Being that we living
    2) Since we were living
    3) Since we have been living
    4) Being that we have been living
    5) No correction required
  33. Can you tell me where does your uncle live?
    1) Where your uncle does live
    2) Where your uncle lives
    3) where lives your uncle
    4) where lived your uncle
    5) No correction required
  34. We might not be able to change the situation quickly but we should continue our efforts in that direction.
    1) had not been
    2) would not 3) did not
    4) could not be
    5) No correction required
  35. Contrary to researchers' claim, a renowned French scientist has discovered that HIV can be transmitted through kissing.
    1) With the contrary of
    2) having contrary with
    3) Going through the
    4) Being contrast by the
    5) No correction
  36. The Sydney Convention Centre sight a history creation for India when K.Malleshwari became the first Indian woman to win a bronze medal.
    1) Seen a creation of history
    2) saw history being created
    3) has saw history being created
    4) Views history creation
    5) No correction required
  37. This project would encourage development and enable every villager to govern their own destiny.
    (1) To govern his
    (2) to governing his
    (3) Have government their
    (4) may govern their
    (5) No correction
  38. My school is in a stone's throw from my house.
    (1) at a stone's throwing
    (2) to a stone's throw
    (3) on a stone's throw
    (4) within a stone's throw
    (5) No correction required.
  39. All the allegations levelled against him were found to be baseless.
    (1) levelled for
    (2) level with
    (3) level against
    (4) levelling with
    (5) No correction required.
  40. No sooner he had returned home than his mother felt unhappy
    (1) He has returned
    (2) had he return
    (3) did he return
    (4) did he returned
    (5) No correction required.
  41. If you had told your problem yesterday, we might have helped you.
    (1) Would have
    (2) would have been
    (3) may have
    (4) will have been
    (5) No correction required
  42. Rahul enjoys to read historical novels
    (1) to reading
    (2) reading
    (3) to have read
    (4) to be reading
    (5) No correction Required
  43. Galileo said that the earth revolved around the sun
    (1) Has revolved
    (2) had revolved
    (3) revolves
    (4) was revolving
    (5) No correction required
  44. The ship was wrecked, every man, woman and child were drowned
    (1) have been drowned
    (2) were drowning
    (3) was drowned
    (4) have drowned
    (5) No correction required
  45. The President was speaking for about half an hour when the trouble started
    (1) Had been speaking
    (2) have spoken
    (3) have been speaking
    (4) has spoken
    (5) No correction
  46. The state police is trying to solve the mystery
    (1) has been trying
    (2) was trying
    (3) are trying
    (4) has tried
    (5) No correction required
  47. It is ten years since I have begun living here.
    (1) had begun
    (2) have began
    (3) began
    (4) have been beginning
    (5) No correction required
  48. More than one minister have decided to resign from the union cabinet
    (1) Has decided
    (2) have been deciding
    (3) Are deciding
    (4) were being decided
    (5) No correction
  49. The climate of Chennai is hotter than of Mumbai
    (1) That of Mumbai
    (2) that on Mumbai
    (3) Mumbai is of
    (4) that off Mumbai
    (5) No correction required
  50. He dislikes the word dislike, isn't he?
    (1) does he
    (2) doesn't he
    (3) didn't he
    (4) hasn't he
    (5) No correction required

Assignment -2

  1. In quick time she got acquainted with the new environment.
    (A) In enough time
    (b) In small time
    (c) On time only
    (d) In no time
    (e) No correction
  2. The meeting was postponed due to lack of quorum.
    (A) Due
    (b) Because of
    (c) For
    (d) Against the
    (e) No correction required
  3. It was quite clear that the athlete can be able to improve upon his own record.
    (A) Will be able to
    (b) Should be able
    (c) Would be able
    (d) Be able
    (e) No correction
  4. He has not written any book since his mother had died.
    (A) Died
    (b) Have died
    (c) Has died
    (d) Was dead
    (e) No correction
  5. It was too cold to go out last evening, so we all stayed at home.
    (A) Too cold for going
    (b) Very cold to go
    (c) Extremely cold for go
    (d) So cold that to go
    (e) No correction
  6. Finding himself in financial difficulty, he came forward me for help and advice
    (A) Came across
    (b) is come upto
    (c) came to
    (d) Comes with
    (e) No correction
  7. Deepak having been over eighteen years of age, is entitled to vote—
    (A) Has been of
    (b) being over
    (c) who is having over
    (d) who is been
    (e) No correction
  8. The magazine that we subscribe to is published monthly—
    (A) Which is subscribed
    (b) we are subscribed
    (c) Whom we subscribe
    (d) whichever we subscribe
    (e) No correction
  9. Among of his many good qualities, that I remember is his honesty—
    (A) All of his
    (b) Some of the
    (c) Only of his
    (d) One of his
    (e) No correction required
  10. Many of our clients have deposit of this foreign bank—
    (A) Have deposits in
    (b) had deposited
    (c) with deposits
    (d)have deposited
    (e) No correction
  11. As Anuj was familiar with the road to Neeraj's house, he lead the way.
    (A) Led the way
    (b) Led away
    (c) Leading ways
    (d) Lead ways
    (e) No correction required
  12. Although he was new to the field of painting, Sharad give it a go.
    (A) Gave goes
    (b) Gives his go
    (c) Gave it a go
    (d) Giving it goes
    (e) No correction
  13. The performance of the band on New Year's Eve was out of worlds.
    (A) Out of the worldly
    (b) Outing of worlds
    (c) Out from the world
    (d) Out of the world
    (e) No correction
  14. Parents are changing with the times and are friendlier and more open to their children's views.
    (A) Changed timings
    (b) Changed to the time
    (c) Changing times
    (d) Change with time
    (e) No correction
  15. Many people do not like to switch at one brand to another.
    (A) Switched in
    (b) Switches at
    (c) Switch from
    (d) Switching on
    (e) No correction
  16. We have accepted over two billion dollars from them yet it is been used to build hospital in the area—
    (A) that is yet to use
    (b) although it has been used
    (c) not yet being used
    (d) which will be used
    (e) No correction required
  17. People have respond in favour the government's efforts to resolve the budget crisis—
    (A) favourably responded
    (b) response in favour of
    (c) responded favourably to
    (d) been responding favourably
    (e) No correction required
  18. Striking this deal will enable the company to expand its operations in Europe
    (A) Strike this deal that
    (b) to strike off this deal
    (c) By striking this deal to
    (d) This deal was struck which
    (e) No correction required
  19. We admire they are taking this step despite the numerous risks involved—
    (A) them to take
    (b) them for taking
    (c) that they have taken over
    (d) how their taking of
    (e) No correction
  20. The management has been left with no option else to change the branch timings to avoid losing business.
    (A) but to change
    (b) except the change of
    (c) unless it changes with
    (d)other than the changing
    (e) No correction required
  21. The minimum eligibility age shall be less to sixty years to allow more senior citizens to avail of the benefits of the scheme.
    (a) Should be lowered
    (b) should be lower
    (c) being lesser
    (d) must be lesser
    (e) no correction
  22. The latest study by NASSCOM indicates possibly short of five lakh qualified engineers in the IT industry.
    (a) the possible shortage
    (b) possibly short by
    (c) possibility of shortage
    (d) possibility of shortage
    (e) No correction
  23. China has to prepare to meet many age-related social and financial challenges in the comings years.
    (a) is been preparing
    (b) was prepared
    (c) have been prepared
    (d) has preparations
    (e) no correction
  24. It is necessary to ascertain that we can do to attract investment to the manufacturing sector.
    (a) how we can do
    (b) what we can do
    (c) more can be done
    (d) that has been done
    (e) no correction
  25. Despite all my efforts 1 could not prevail him to attend next week's conference.
    (a) was unable to prevail
    (b) cannot prevail for
    (c) could not prevail on
    (d) am not able to prevail with
    (e) no correction
  26. Trisha could not solve the problem at all and was at her wit's ending.
    (A) her wit's end
    (b) the wit ends
    (c) her witty end
    (d) the wit end
    (e) No correction
  27. It's a small theatre and the seats are uncomfortable, but the saving grace is that the air conditioning is good.
    (A) Grace to save
    (b) gracing save
    (c) saver grace
    (d) save to grace
    (e) No correction
  28. Tarun had to prepare the document for his meeting urgently but he was hardly pressed for time.
    (a) hard pressed for timely
    (b) hard pressed for time
    (c) hardly press to time
    (d) hard pressing to timely
    (e) No correction required
  29. Suraj lied from his teeth to get out of the tense situation with his boss—
    (a) lies for his teeth
    (b) lie to his teeth
    (c) lied through his teeth
    (d) lied from his tooth
    (e) No correction
  30. Satish lay in bed wide awaken as he was worried about his exams starting the next day—
    (a) widen awakening
    (b) widely awake
    (c) wide and awake
    (d)wide awake
    (e) No correction
  31. Many employees are hesitate to volunteer for assignments in a foreign country because of language and cultural issues.
    (1) Hesitated to volunteer
    (2) hesitate to volunteer
    (3) hesitating volunteer
    (4) hesitatingly volunteer
    (5) No correction
  32. Salaries in state owned enterprises today have to be in line on prevailing market rates in order to reduce turnover.
    (1) been online with
    (2) to be aligned on
    (3) been in line for
    (4) to be in line with
    (5) No correction
  33. As a member of the Cabinet, Aiyar had the opportunity to observe debates and see which they were resolved.
    (1) about they being resolved
    (2) that it was resolved
    (3) to its resolution
    (4) how they were resolved
    (5) No correction required.
  34. The Board has inability to provide any proper strategy to outdo the competition.
    (1) not being able to provide
    (2) has been unable to provide
    (3) cannot provide for
    (4) is being unable to provide
    (5) No correction required.
  35. Did the court not intervened the matter many students would have been denied admission.
    (1) Because the court intervened in
    (2) Until the court had intervened
    (3) Had the court not intervened in
    (4) If the court intervened between
    (5) No correction required.
  36. The crowd which has gather to protest against the decision slowly returned to their homes.
    (a) which had gathered
    (b) which have gather
    (c) gathering up
    (d) which gathers around
    (e) No correction required
  37. The executive complaint to his colleagues that he felt overburdened at work.
    (a) Complain about
    (b) complaining to
    (c) has complain to
    (d)complained to
    (e) No correction
  38. He will be handling the next project since he has vastly experience in this business.
    (a) vast experience
    (b) vastly experienced
    (c) a vast experiencing
    (d) the vast experience
    (e) No correction
  39. The inexperienced trainee accidental turned off the lights during presentation.
    (a) has accidentally turn off
    (b) by accident turn on
    (c) accidentally turned off
    (d) accidentally turning off
    (e) No correction required
  40. Newspapers have great power because their enormous circulation.
    (a) on account
    (b) because of
    (c) as a result
    (d) owing
    (e) No correction required
  41. Besides criticism of some supervisors the Chairman still commands respect from the employees.
    (a) Despite criticism from
    (b) Without criticism of
    (c) Except the criticism from
    (d) Unless criticism of
    (e) No correction required
  42. Children nowadays are watching too much television.
    (a) to much of
    (b) more of
    (c) very much of
    (d) much on
    (e) No correction required
  43. Attempts by both parties to reach for a consensus have not succeeded.
    (a) reach at
    (b) to reach
    (c) in reaching to
    (d) to reach upon
    (e) No correction required
  44. The bridge in connection with the two cities will remain closed for security reasons,
    (a) connects between
    (b) in connection to
    (c) being connected from
    (d) connecting
    (e) No correction
  45. Unable to not afford college fees she will have to get a job to support herself.
    (a) able not to afford
    (b) unable afford
    (c) not affording
    (d) unable to afford K
    (e) No correction
  46. The company has set up a foundation which helps students who do not have the necessary funds to study ahead.
    (a)Further to study
    (b) of studying more
    (c) to study onward
    (d) for higher studies
    (e) No Correction
  47. If this land is used to cultivate crops it will be additionally source of income for the villagers.
    (a) source of additional
    (b) an additionally source
    (c) an additional source
    (d) additionally the source
    (e) No Correction Required
  48. Belonged to this cadre, you are eligible for facilities such as free air travel and accommodation.
    (a)Since you belong to
    (b) whoever belongs
    (c) for belonging to
    (d) to belong in
    (e) No Correction
  49. The bank has hired a consultant who will look into any issues which arise during the merger.
    (a)is looking over
    (b) will be looked after
    (c) will look out
    (d) looks down on
    (e) No Correction
  50. I had severe doubts about if I successfully run a company, but my father encouraged me.
    (a)if I am successful in
    (b) how should I successfully
    (c) whether I could successfully
    (d) that I would succeed to
    (e) No Correction Required

Assignment - 3

  1. He has visited many places all over the city looked at the perfect location to set up his factory.
    (a)looking out
    (b) looking for
    (c) looking after
    (d) looked forward to
    (e) No correction
  2. No traffic will be allowed in this area since the minister visit scheduled today.
    (a) minister's visit
    (b) minister is visiting
    (c) minister's visit is
    (d) visit of the Minister
    (e) No correction
  3. Medical treatment here is very expensive that they had to sell off their land to pay for it.
    (a)Quite expensive and
    (b) too expensive for
    (c) so expensive but
    (d) more expensive
    (e) No correction
  4. To be successful it is important to know why your failure in the past and ensure that it doesn't happen again.
    (a)Why you had failed
    (b) because you have failed
    (c) That your failure
    (d) where you were failed
    (e) No correction required
  5. These hand woven shawls are much in demand in many European countries.
    (a)Were much demand
    (b) are lots of demand
    (c) Demanded much
    (d) will be lot to demand
    (e) No correction
  6. The traders' community is up to in arms against the police on their failure for not ensuring the arrest of wanted criminals.
    (a) p in arming
    (b) Up arm
    (c) up in arms
    (d) Up to arms
    (e) No correction required
  7. Chief Justice announced that a total of 30 evening courts will be started in all the five district courts of the city by the end of December.
    (a) Will be start
    (b) Is started
    (c) Will starting
    (d) Is being started
    (e) No correction required
  8. If you are planning on getting admission forms to enrol your child in school, you might as well forgetting about it.
    (a) Forgets with it
    (b) Forget in it
    (c) Forgetting it
    (d) Forget about it
    (e)No correction required
  9. Police said that basis on secret information, a trap was laid and the criminal was arrested near the station.
    (a) As basis of
    (b) That based on
    (c) As base on
    (d) That base in
    (e) No correction required
  10. With order to help outstation candidates planning to move to the city, a few colleges load their application forms online.
    (a) In order to
    (b) As order in
    (c) Along with order to
    (d) In ordering to
    (e) No correction required
  11. Her face buries itself on his rough shirt and he could feel the fragrance of her hair and the warmth of her as she sobbed against his breast
    (a) sinking itself in his rough shirt
    (b) buried itself in his rough shirt
    (c) dipped itself in his rough shirt
    (d) sank itself in his rough shirt
    (e) No correction required
  12. 'Allah', he said, rising his face towards the star-spangled black sky, "punish me as much as you like as Mahesh died with thirst on his lips."
    (a) Raised his face towards the star-spangled black sky
    (b) had raised his face towards the star-spangled black sky
    (c) Rose his face towards the star spangled black sky
    (d) raising his face towards the star-spangled black sky
    (e) No correction required
  13. All of us carried plenty of food and sweets with us and we served the little fortunate human beings with our own hands—
    (a) The lesser fortunate human beings
    (b) The less fortunate human beings
    (c) The least fortunate human beings
    (d) The unfortunate human beings
    (e) No correction required
  14. Once again, the Indian tradition of 'ahimsa' comes out as infinitely most relevant than much of what we learn in modern education.
    (a) The most relevant, than much of what we learn
    (b) More relevance what we learn
    (c) More relevant than much of what we learn
    (d) No relevance in what we learn
    (e) No correction required
  15. When it was decided to send the rescue team in the colliery, the experts showed their reluctance.
    (A) into the colliery
    (b) inside the colliery
    (c) Under the colliery
    (d) underneath the colliery
    (e) No correction required
  16. Everything comes in the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORCJ, which was started with the intention of restoring law and order.
    (a) about the State Law and order Restoration Council
    (b) under the State Law and order Restoration Council
    (c) within the State Law and order Restoration Council
    (d) into the State Law and order Restoration Council
    (e) No correction required
  17. The whole atmosphere was sweetly dominated with the fascinating perfume and soft western music.
    (a) from a fascinating perfume and...
    (b) of a fascinating perfume and...
    (c) by a fascinating perfume and...
    (d) nearly fascinating perfume and...
    (e) No correction required
  18. Power to expression has the ability to overcome, neutralise, change or strengthen the transient impression formed on others by one's initial facial appearance.
    (a) Power into expression
    (b) Power about expression
    (c) Power for expression
    (d) Power of expression
    (e) No correction required
  19. They (girls from middle class) become shy, withdrawn and lose confidence for themselves.
    (a) lose confidence to themselves
    (b) lose confidence in themselves
    (c) lose confidence of themselves
    (d) lose confidence about themselves
    (e) No correction required
  20. One must remember that meteorological weather systems do not respect some geographic boundaries and can move from one place to another and affect the local weather.
    (a) do not respect many geographic boundaries
    (b) do not respect several geographic boundaries
    (c) do not disrespect geographic boundaries
    (d) do not respect any geographic boundaries
    (e) No correction required








Error Spotting is similar to Sentence Correction, here you will be given a sentence which will be split into parts. You are supposed to identify which of these parts contains a grammatical error. Remember, use the same grammar rules which have been discussed above.
Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part. of the sentence, the letter of that part will be the answer. If there is no error, mark
(e) as the answer. (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

Assignment -1

  1. Many multinational companies (A) / have not been as (B) /successful in India (C)/than we expected. (D) No error (E)
  2. He has ruined (A) /his eyesight (B) /by not using (C) /his spectacles regularly. (D) No error (E)
  3. Mostly of the (A) /newly recruited officers (B) /have no experience (C) /in the banking sector. (D) No error (E)
  4. The resignation of (A)/ one of our directors (B) /have caused the price (C) / of shares to fall. (D) No error (E)
  5. There are many (A) /ways of which (B) /inflation can (C) /be measured. (D) No error (E)
  6. On account of the week (A) / long strike the factory (B) / was forced to close and (C)/ next month's shipment will delay. (D) No error. (E)
  7. Since the US economy experiences (A) / a recession many Asian countries (B) / are likely to have (C) / reduced growth rates this year. (D) No error. (E)
  8. It is unlikely that you will (A) / find a more qualified and experience (B) / candidate than Mr. Prasad (C) / for the post of President. (D) No error. (E)
  9. On account of the rising (A) / costs many people are (B) / finding it difficult (C) / to feed their families. (D) No error. (E)
  10. By marketing agriculture (A) / products well, we (B) / can ensure that (C) / farmers make a good profit. (D) No error. (E)
  11. The promotion means (A) /that you may be (B) / post in Chennai (C) / from next month. (D) No error. (E)
  12. This project is (A) / too big to (B) / undertake successfully at (C) / such a short notice. (D) No error. (E)
  13. In present the (A)/ prices of food grains (B)/ are high all (C)/ over the world. (D) No error (E)
  14. Majority of the banks (A) today uses technology (B) to reach out to those (C) living in rural areas. (D) No error (E)
  15. I will give (A)/ you the advance (B)/ if you repay it as (C)/ soon as possibly. (D) No error (E)
  16. Though he is very (A)/ wealthy and powerful (B)/ he has any (C)/ concern for the poor. (D) No error (E)
  17. Mala has the (A)/ ability to handle (B)/ many tasks at (C)/ the same time. (D) No error (E)
  18. The revised government's (A) /guidelines have reduced (B)/ the number of mergers (C) / taking place among banks. (D) No error (E)
  19. I do not know (A) / who of the (B) /new trainees should (C) / be confirmed. (D) No error (E)
  20. To promote India as (A) / a tourist destination (B)/ the government has organized (C) / many cultural programmes. (D) No error (E)
  21. Banks in India (A) / cannot open ATMs (B)/ except obtaining (C) / approval from RBI. (D) No error (E)
  22. Today the success of (A) / companies depends on the (B)/ quality of their products and(C) /efficient managing staff. (D) No error (E)
  23. Ashok has managed to (A) / achieve his sales targets (B)/ for the quarter very easily (C) / than we expected. (D) No error (E)
  24. He did not grant (A) / their request for a loan (B)/ although it would (C) / displease his boss. (D) No error (E)
  25. At present oil companies (A) / are making a loss of (B)/ rupees five on all (C) / litre of petrol that they sell. (D) No error (E)

Assignment- 2

  1. The document (A) he gave me was long and complicated (B) and I struggled (C) to understand (D) It. All correct (E)
  2. We shall have to await (A) and see if these measures (B) are sufficient (C) to address (Dj the problem. All correct (E)
  3. They are negotiating (A) to try and reach (B) an agreement which will beneficial (C) everyone concerned. (D) All correct (E)
  4. The company has decided (A) to allot (B) a substantial (C) portion (D) of its profits to research and development. All correct (E)
  5. It remains (A) to be seen whether (B) these reforms (C) will be acceptable (D) by the Board. All correct (E)
  6. Since petroleum products are taxed (A) heavily they are a majar(B) source (C) of revenue (D) for the government. All correct (E)
  7. Even though the proposal appears (A) practical (B) the committee should discuss (C) it at length. (D) All correct (E)
  8. The Indian stock market has been one of the well (A) performing (B) markets globally (C) during the current (D) year. All correct (E)
  9. Had the scheme been allowed (A) to continue (B) it would have generated (C) attracted (D) returns. All correct (E)
  10. People should constantly (A) upgrade their skills (B) in order to be effective (C) and efficient. (D) All correct (E)
  11. The income (A) of many people in rural (B) India is not adequate (C) to satisfy (D) their basic needs. All correct (E)
  12. He is always (A) prompt (B) in caring (C) out instructions. (D) All correct (E)
  13. The revized (A) rates (B) of interest will be effective (C) immediately. (D) All correct (E)
  14. Such transactions (A) are quiet (B) expensive (C) and time consuming (D) for customers. All correct (E)
  15. The guidelines (A) of the new scheme (B) are expected (Q) to be finally (D) soon. All correct (E)
  16. We have incurred (A) an expense (B) of over fifty thousands (C) this year alone. (D) All correct (E)
  17. World Earth Day is celebrated (A) as a means (B) to make people aware (C) about the environment. (D) All correct (E)
  18. The key issue (AJ discused (BJ at the meeting was how to resolve (C)the food crisis. (D) All correct (E)
  19. He deserves (A) some recognition (B) for working diligently (C) for the passed (D) five years. All correct (E)
  20. There are many employment (A) opportunities (B) for fresh graduates (C) in the market (D) today. All correct (E)
  21. My gole (A) is to acquire (B) a position (C) of authority (D) and respect within the organization. All correct (E)
  22. The refusal (A) of the Ministry to the pending (B) dues is a course (C) for concern (D). All correct (E)
  23. He was convinced (A) that discipline (B) and hard work would result (C) in dividends (D) in the long run. All correct (E)
  24. This is a company which believes (A) in transparency (B) and appointment is done strictly (C) on merit (D). All correct (E)
  25. There will be a decline (A) in the probability (B) of oil companies because of the hike (C) in oil prices (D). All correct (E)
as successful...should be followed by "as" not "than"
"Mostly" should be replaced by "Most"
Resignation is singular, so it should be followed by "has" and not "have"
"in" which inflation can be measured “of” is wrong
Shipment will "be delayed"
"is experiencing" because recession is still in progress this year
"experienced" candidate
to "be undertaken"
"At present" is the correct expression in English
“Majority of the banks” is plural so the verb should be “use”
"as soon as possible"
"he has no concern"
"government’s revised" guidelines
"which" of the new trainees
"except" should be replaced by "without"
"efficiency" of managing staff
"more easily" than expected
"each/every" litre instead of "all" litre, because litre is singular. More over in the context each or every litre is right.
"await" is incorrect "wait" is the right word
"to everyone concerned"
"Acceptable to"." Acceptable" is always followed by ' to'
"majar" is wrongly spelt it should be "major"
"appears" is the right spelling
"best" should replace "well"
"attractive" should replace "attracted"
"carrying" should replace "caring"
correct spelling is "revised"
"quite" is the appropriate word
"final" should replace finally
"thousands" instead of "thousand"
No Error
"profitability" is the correct word
Prepared by,
IACE, Hyderabad.
Published date : 12 Jun 2015 12:54PM

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