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Kakatiya University M.Tech PTPG (Mine Planning) VI Sem. Regular Jan. 2023 Exam Fee Notification

The Kakatiya University has released the Master of Technology PTPG (Mine Planning) sixth semester regular Janaury 2023 examination fee notification
Kakatiya University M.Tech PTPG Fee Notification

It is hereby notified that M.Tech PTPG (Mine Planning) VI- Semester (Regular) Examinations for the academic year 2022-23 will be held in the month of January, 2023 and that the following is the schedule for payment of prescribed examination fee through Online and submission of downloaded NRs and Photo-forms to theundersigned:-

Payment of Fee For Colleges

  • Without late fee: 05-01-2023
  • With a late fee of Rs.250/-  07-01-2023


For all papers: Rs.2,600/-

Instructions to the Candidates:

  1. The Candidates have to verify and confirm their eligibility as per the academic norms of their course beforeremittance of the examination fee for registration to the forth coming examinations to the Principal of the college concernedthrough online &
  2. ExaminationFee once remitted will not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances.
  3. It may however be noted that appearance in the ensuing examinations by the candidates will be subject to scrutiny of their eligibilityaccording toacademic rules and promotion norms. In case of any deviation, such candidates shall have to forego the results thereof.

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