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How to prepare for NDA, NA Exam 2022!!

NDA, NA select and train active youth into the Army, Air Force and Navy. Selected candidates can move from the rank of Lieutenant in the three forces to General, Admiral, Air Chief Marshal.
How to prepare for NDA, NA Exam 2022!!

You can enter NDA and NA with Intermediate qualification. For this you need to succeed in the two-step selection process. UPSC has recently issued notification for NDA, NA (1) –2022 written test. This test is conducted twice each year. The selection process for NDA, NA-1 for 2022 has begun.

Opportunity for women
NDA, NA has given opportunity to women candidates in the latest notification. The decision comes in the wake of court orders to make women eligible for permanent commission rank in the defense forces. In fact, the decision was made in the NDA, NA (2) –2021 option. Women were then eligible by affiliate notification‌. This time it was made clear in the main notification that women candidates are also eligible. 

A total of four hundred posts will be filled in the National ‌ Defense Academy, Naval Academy. 


Check UPSC NDA & NA Exam (I) 2022 Notification for eligibility requirements

NDA, NA selection process

UPSC is conducting a two-stage selection process to finalize candidates for the NDA, NA. They are Written Test (NDA, NA Examination); SSB Selection Process. First UPSC – NDA conducts NA written test. Based on the talents shown in it, a merit list will be created. Those selected will have special examinations under the auspices of SSB in the next phase.

Candidates who have successfully passed the two-stage selection process will be trained at the National Defense Academy and Naval Academy. At the National Academy of Defense in Pune for the Army, Air Force and Navy divisions, training for Naval Academy candidates will take place at the Naval Academy in Ajima. BA, B.Sc and B.Tech degrees are also awarded to those who successfully complete the training. So it is the opportunity to own both a degree and job at the same time.

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For those who have succeeded in the NDA, NA selection process, pay level-10 during training, a stipend of Rs 56,100 will be provided. Those who successfully complete the field training will also start their career with a salary range of Rs.56,100–1,77,500. Lieutenant in the Army Division; Sub-Lieutenant in the Navy Division; Career begins with a Flying Officer cadre in the Air Force.

NDA, NA Exam Pattern

The first phase of the NDA, NA selection process is a written test for a total of 900 marks in two papers. Mathematics in Paper 1 for 300 marks; Paper 2 consists of General Ability Test for 600 marks. The examination time for each paper is two and a half hours. The test is entirely objective.

The General Ability Test conducted as Paper-2 consists of questions on the English section exclusively for 200 marks under Part-A.
Part-B is conducted under the name of General Knowledge Section. 400 marks for Part-B. Questions from a total of six disciplines (Physics; Chemistry; General Science; History, Indian Independence Movement; Geography; Current Events) will be asked.

25 per cent for Physics; 15 per cent for Chemistry, 10 per cent for General Science, 20 per cent for History and Indian Independence, 20 per cent for Geography and 10 per cent for Current events. According to this weightage, the number of questions and marks in the respective sections will be given.

SSB selection process

Candidates who have passed the NDA and NA written test and are on the merit list will be subjected to the SSB test / interview for 900 marks in the second phase. Candidates will also have to appear for the Intelligence and Personality Test conducted by SSB (Services Selection Board) under the auspices of the prescribed department based on the merits obtained in the written test.
Candidates who have opted for the Air Force Division primarily will also have to pass the Computerized Pilot Selection System conducted after SSB.

The SSB selection process will be complicated to determine whether the candidates are compatible with the three forces or not. Mental and physical fitness will be tested in the candidates. Candidates' Intelligence Test, Verbal Test, Non-Verbal Test, Social Awareness and Logical Analysis are tested in SSB for a total of 900 marks. In the same way Picture Perception and Descriptive Test are conducted. The process lasts for a total of five days.

NDA, NA Exam Success Plan!

In order to pass the NDA, NA written test, candidates have to master the topics mentioned in the syllabus.

  • Paper-1 Mathematics is based entirely on concepts. If you want to get good marks in it, you have to master Algebra, Matrix and Determinants, Analytical Geometry, Integral Calculus, Differential Equations, Vector Algebra, Statistics, Probability, Trigonometry. For this you need to study Intermediate level books. Writing practice tests and mock tests is also beneficial. Must master the basic principles, various theories, principles and formulas. Practice should be given high priority. 
  • Paper – 2 on General Ability: Basic English Grammar; Must master vocabulary reading and comprehension. With regard to General Knowledge, a thorough understanding of Physics, Chemistry, General Science, History-Indian Independence Movement, Geography, Current Affairs. Preparation plan should be based on the old question papers and weightage given to the respective sections. 
  • Elements in Electromagnetism, Mechanics and Dynamics should be given priority in Physics
  • The main focus in Chemistry is on Chemical Analysis, Inorganic Compounds, Periodic Tables, Concept of Physical Chemistry, Equilibrium, Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics. 
  • Awareness on diseases-factors, plant anatomy, morphology, animal kingdoms in general science is important.
  • Focus on all contemporary developments over a period of six months prior to the test date for Current Affairs
  • Regarding the section of history, you should study the events related to the uprising, kings – dynasties, historical monuments, wars. 
  • In geography, mastering natural resources, disasters, rivers, mountains, and the environment can be beneficial. 
  • NCERT books should be read thoroughly from sixth grade to twelfth grade. Thus, a large percentage of the questions asked from the respective topics will be answered.

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Published date : 03 Jan 2022 04:12PM

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