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Spelling Plural Nouns

  1. Most words add s to the root forms without any change (barn - barns).
  2. Words ending in sh, ch, ss, x, and z, usually add es to form the PLURAL (bush - bushes).
  3. Words ending in a consonant and y change the y to i and add es (party - parties).
  4. Some words ending in f change the f to v and add es (calf - calves).
  5. Some singular words have different words for their plural form (man - men; mouse - mice; goose-geese).
Note: words that end in -o normally just add s, except:

buffalo > buffaloes
cargo > cargoes (or cargos)
domino > dominoes
echo > echoes
go > goes
grotto > grottoes
halo > haloes
hero > heroes
mango > mangoes
mosquito > mosquitoes
motto > mottoes (or mottos)
potato > potatoes
tomato > tomatoes
tornado > tornadoes
torpedo > torpedoes
veto > vetoes
volcano > volcanoes
Published date : 24 Sep 2010 06:06PM

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