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Useful Phrases for better communication

These  eight phrases can be used in many different situations.
 1.  Thanks so much:
  This is a simple sentence you can use to thank someone. If you wish to add the detail, you could say, "Thanks so much for …
  Eg. Thanks so much for the birthday greetings. Thank you so much for dropping me home.
 2. I really appreciate:
  You can also use this phrase to thank someone. For example, you might say, I really appreciate your help.
 3. Excuse me:
  When you need to get through but there's someone blocking your way, say "Excuse me.'' You can also say this phrase to politely get someone's attention.
  Eg. Excuse me sir, you dropped your wallet.
 4.  I'm sorry:
  Use this phrase to apologize, whether for something big or small. Use "for'' to give more detail.
  Eg. I'm sorry for being so late. I'm really sorry I don't remember your name.

 5.  What do you think?
  When you want to hear someone's opinion on a topic, use this question.
  E.g. I'm not sure if we should paint the room yellow or blue. What do you think?
 6. How does that sound?
  If you suggest an idea or plan, use this phrase to find out what others think.
  We could have dinner in Belson Taj, and then go to a movie. How does that sound?
 7.  That sounds great.
  If you like an idea, you can respond to #6 with this phrase. "Great'' can be replaced with any synonym, such as "awesome,'' "perfect,'' "excellent'' or "fantastic.''
  A: My mom is making pakoras this afternoon. We could go to my house and eat some. How does that sound?
  B: That sounds fantastic!
 8. Oh, never mind.
  When you are trying to explain something and have to repeat again and again, you are fed up and say "never mind'' to mean "It doesn't matter.'' or "Just forget it.'' In these situations, say it with a smile and positive tone.
  A: Are you going to the market today?
  B: No, I'm not. But why, do you need something?
  A: Oh, never mind. It's okay, I'll go tomorrow.
Published date : 21 Jan 2020 12:19PM

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