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Public Speaking

Prof. E. Sureshkumar
Director, Centre for English Language Training,
Osmania University College of Engineering

Types of Speeches Speeches are of many types. Some of these include:

Persuasive speech: A persuasive speech is given to persuade, or convince the listeners, of the validity of the speaker's argument.

Inspirational speech: An Inspirational speech is given to persuade, or convince the listeners that they can succeed.

Motivational speech: A Motivational speech is given to persuade, or convince the audience, to take action to improve.

Informative speech: An Informative speech is given to increase the knowledge of the audience.

Tribute speech: A Tribute speech is given to show thanks or respect and increase the knowledge of the audience on the subject.

Acceptance speech: An Acceptance speech is given to express gratitude for some form of award which has been given on the basis of merit or excellence.

  • It is none of your business: Don't interfere in my affairs.
  • You seem to be in a state of pique: You look irritated.
  • You have to come to terms with it: You have to accept the reality.
  • You must get to the heart of the matter: Don't be angry with me.
  • We will first test the waters: We will first judge the situation.
  • Be wary of him: Be careful with him.
  • It's time you cut him loose: It's time to give him freedom to act.
  • You must learn to hold your tongue: You must learn to be silent.
  • Don't be daft: Don't behave senselessly.
  • Time is running out, so talk business: There is no time to waste, so come to the point straightaway.
  • Are you looking to shoot the moon? You are being too ambitious.
  • No buck passing please! Own up responsibility / Don't blame others.
  • Don't beat a dead horse: Don't expect support from a weak person.
  • I am cheesed off with you: I am put off by you.
  • Don't mess around with me: Don't interfere with me or you will be sorry.
  • Stop this monkey business: Stop these silly pranks.
  • Stop nitpicking: Stop finding faults.
  • Play it cool: Relax.
  • Please pull up your socks: Be more careful and improve your performance.
  • Stop bad mouthing her: Stop spreading negative stories about her.
Published date : 11 Jan 2011 07:11PM

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