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Phrasal Verbs used with the verb "pull''!

Just see how many Phrasal Verbs are used with the verb "pull''!
pull down:
to move downwards by pulling.
  Eg. The engineers pulled down the 12 - storied building, without any damage to the adjacent buildings.

  pull back: to move back or away.
  Eg. Iraq wants the US troops to pull back from their country.

  pull along: to make something happen with difficulty.
  Eg. They have been pulling along the firm in spite of slow economic growth.

  pull apart: to separate with force.
  Eg. The toddler pulled apart the newspaper, much to the annoyance of his grandfather.

  pull on: to put in effort to move.
  Eg. The striking workers pulled on the days until the strike was called off.

  pull into: persuade, to help or force to enter. Eg. Please do not pull me into this controversy.

  pull off:
to succeed with difficulty.
  Eg. He pulled off his GRE, much to the surprise of his friends.

  pull out: move away, to produce, take something out, stretch
  Eg. In spite of our best effort, the train had pulled out of the station, by the time we reached the platform.

  pull through: to make something take place or happen
  Eg. The party has somehow managed to pull through the vote of confidence.

  pull together: to work together to make a common effort. Eg. Both the oxen pull together with the load of grain bags.
Published date : 21 Jan 2020 12:09PM

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