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TS Inter Results 2021 to be delayed!!

TSBIE sources say evaluation process could be delayed thereby delaying the announcement of the results.
TS Inter
TS Inter Results 2021

The Inter 1st year examinations, which began on October 25 last month, ended on November 3. About 4.12 lakh people across the state have written the tests. A total of over 40 lakh papers have to be evaluated by the authorities and marks have to be provided. The Inter Board decided to expedite the process. Officials also said they would release the results by the end of the month. Accordingly, a large-scale evaluation process has been started in the district centers from the 3rd of this month. However, due to lack of coordination among the officers and other factors, the pace has not picked up so far.

Juniors as Chief Examiners?
During the evaluation, several officers brought to the notice of the Inter-Board superiors some precautions to be taken in view of past experiences. But due to lack of coordination among the authorities, it was learned that these were not taken into consideration at all. The handing over of responsibilities to juniors rather than seniors in spot evaluation was controversial from the very beginning. Senior faculty members are questioning appointment of juniors as Chief Examiners and Assistant Examiners. They say it can be difficult for them to solve when a problem arises. Some say it is an insult to themselves. Doubts are being expressed by superiors that the latest developments will have an impact on the spot evaluation.

If the evaluation is delayed
Government teachers say that if the evaluation is delayed, the teaching will suffer if the faculty continue in the same duties for a long time. Nearly 40 lakh papers are being evaluated by government faculty alone, which is said to have delayed the process. But board officials say employers are reluctant to send private college faculty to spot evaluation, saying their students' classes will be delayed. Government teachers, on the other hand, err on the side of caution. Private faculty are told that the evaluation process, which is expected to be completed within a week, will take three weeks unless they are partners in the evaluation. They say they cannot focus on academic teaching if the evaluation continues. The first and second inter students are said to be at a critical juncture.

Coming to the spot evaluation
Inter-Board Secretary Syed Omar Jalil said in a statement that every staff member recruited for spot evaluation should dutifully report to the relevant camp offices. Warned that strict action will be taken if these orders are not followed. Although the staff of private colleges were taken in the evaluation of the first phase, they did not come to most of the duties. With this, the Inter Board has directed all public and private colleges to come for evaluation in the second phase.

Until completed ...
Holidays should be given to public and private inter colleges till the spot evaluation process is completed. Only then can the evaluation be completed quickly and the results given in a timely manner. Some on the Inter Board members are deliberately obstructing the evaluation process. It is an indirect collaboration with private colleges.
                     - Macharla Ramakrishna Gowda, Convener, Telangana Inter Education Protection Committee

Shame on regular faculty
Inter board members are insulting regular faculty working in model schools. Putting 60 per cent contract faculty as chief examiners in spot evaluation and 40 per cent regulars is insulting. It should be withdrawn immediately. Otherwise we will stay away from the evaluation process.
                                                               - Tangirala Jagdish, State President, PRTU

Published date : 08 Nov 2021 06:22PM

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