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Which City becomes 31st district of Karnataka?

The Karnataka government notified that Vijayanagara City has officially become the 31st district of Karnataka. The headquarters of the region is located in Hosapete.
  • Vijayanagara is located in the Hyderabad-Karnataka region. The area is also home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hampi and Virupaksha Temple.
  • The Vijayanagara region is named after the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire. According to the Karnataka Land Income Act of 1964, the area was established outside the ore-rich Barali area. The area will be composed of six taluks they are Hosapete, kotturu, Kudligi, Hagaribommanahalli, Harapanahalli and HoovinaHadagali.
  • BS Yediyurappa, Chief Minister of Karnataka, announced his plan to establish a new Vijayanagara district in September 2019 and that new district must be established for administrative reasons.
  • The creation of the new district will help promote tourism to places such as Hampi Temple. Therefore, the Karnataka Cabinet formally approved the establishment of the new Vijayanagara District on November 18, 2020.
  • The plan to establish a new district was criticized and opposed by the ruling party. In addition, this move has been criticized because of the view that dividing the Ballari district into a new district may lead to language disputes between Telugu and Kannada speakers in the district.
  • Hampi or Hampe is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the east-central part of Karnataka. The site is a Hindu pilgrimage center. The Hampi area was once the capital of the Vijay Niagara Empire in the 14th century. Hampi-Vijayanagara is the second largest medieval city in the world after Beijing.
Published date : 15 Feb 2021 03:48PM

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