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All about Lassa Fever

All about Lassa Fever
All about Lassa Fever
  • On February 11, 2022, one of the three persons diagnosed with Lassa fever in United Kingdom, died.
  • Cases of Lassa fever have been linked to travel to West African countries.
  • Lassa virus has been named after a town in Nigeria where first cases were discovered.
  • Death rate associated with this disease is low, at about one percent.
  • However, death rate is higher for certain individuals, like pregnant women in their third trimester.
  • As per European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, around 80 per cent of cases are asymptomatic. Thus, it remains undiagnosed. Some patients may need hospitalisation and develop severe multi-system disease. Fifteen per cent of hospitalised patients may die.
  • The virus causing Lassa fever is found in West Africa. It was first discovered in Lassa, Nigeria in 1969. This disease was discovered when two nurses died in Nigeria.
Published date : 17 Feb 2022 06:28PM

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