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Is it true that I should study 18 hrs/day, if I want to succeed in Civil Services? Check Myths and Facts about Civil Services Preparation!!

The most prestigious examination conducted by UPSC every year at the national level is Civils‌ Services‌ Examination‌. In order to succeed in this test, preparation must be done with perseverance and planning. If there are less than a thousand job vacancies, nearly 10 lakh candidates will apply for the preliminary examination. In order to prepare for such a highly competitive Civils‌ exam, there must be a lot of foresight and planning. Most of the candidates want to succeed in Civils .. Should I study in top institutes? Should I study for 18 hours a day? Can I be successful if I take coaching? They are left with many doubts like this. Let us know about Myths about the Civils‌ exam for such people and also look into Facts...

Myth: If you want to prepare for civils, you must read for 15-18 hours every day?

Fact: Continuing to study 15–18 hours a day throughout the year is not always possible for everyone. Experts say that it is more important how well we absorb the material than how many hours we read it. If you want to be physically and mentally healthy .. you need to sleep at least six hours a day. If sleep is proper .. Concentration on reading will be good. So it should be noted that reading with concentration is more important than sitting in front of books for hours.

Myth: Will only the highly educated succeed in the Civils exam?

Fact: Any degree qualification is sufficient to apply for the UPSC Civils‌ exam. It is not a fact that only highly educated people from reputed institutes like IITs and IIMs can achieve success. Many candidates who have completed a traditional degree are succeeding in civils every year. Civils can be achieved by anyone with hard work, quest, perseverance and patience.

Myth: Can English medium candidates succeed in Civils?

Fact: UPSC encourages candidates from different backgrounds to apply. Of the 22 languages ​​mentioned in the 8th Schedule to the Constitution, it is permissible to write the test in any language and to give answers in the interview. So it is enough for the candidates to practice writing and expressing their views in a simple and straightforward manner in the language of their choice. Standard books, however, are mostly available in English. So if you increase your understanding of English, it will definitely help in exam preparation.

Myth: Does a candidate preparing for Civils need to know everything?

Fact: The Civils‌ Syllabus is extensive and diverse. So first study the syllabus and identify the important topics in the examination perspective... need to know in detail about the respective priority items. Examine the past question papers. Preparation should proceed in the right direction. Experts say that even if you can master 50 to 60 percent of the syllabus, you can still succeed.

Myth: I Can't pass the Civils exam without coaching?

Fact: Coaching‌ gives some direction about exam trends. Most of the ranks are achieved in the Civils every year without taking any coaching. Study material and expert advice are now available online. So you can succeed in this exam by planning and balancing preparation. With continuous hard work, confidence and the right strategy, the dream of a civil service can come true.


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