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Autonomy and Funds for performing Universities will improve quality of Education: Dhirendra Pal Singh, UGC Chairman

“The fruits of reforms in higher education will be visible in a few years” says newly appointed UGC chairman Dhirendra Pal Singh. Professor Singh stresses on autonomy to performing institutions and discusses various issues pertaining to reforms to improve the quality of higher education exclusively with Sakshi…
Change in curriculum at bachelor degree level
In the present competitive world, changes are to be made in higher education, especially at bachelor degree level. Commission is taking steps accordingly, regarding autonomy, freedom to change curriculum, etc. of the institutes.

Co-ordination with Industry
Co-ordination between Institute and industry is much more important now. Institutes’ managements, curriculum, changes, etc. should be discussed and worked out with the industry experts, so that job skills of the students, will be developed.

NAAC accreditation will improve job opportunities
With the accreditation of NAAC, universities and institutes will get a number of advantages. With the acquired grade, they will get autonomy and financial help from UGC. Especially higher educational institutes will get freedom with regard to their curriculum, courses and other innovations. Industries also show interest towards the institutes having NAAC accreditation so that the students of those institutes will have great opportunities.

RUSA scheme for better grants
The focus should be on how state-run universities could contribute more in the overall development of higher education and in promotion of quality and excellence. I would urge state governments to give priority to higher education in particular, as ultimately it is going to benefit the overall socio-economic scenario of the state. With the present RUSA scheme, universities can get better grants from their performance.

World class universities in the making
By 2020, we can develop atleast 20 institutes as world renowned. Already 10 universities in private management have become prominent across the world. We will select and help other private universities to meet the world standards in education.

Performance based funding
The grants and other facilities to universities are provided based on their performance. Even central universities have to compete for the grants. It is not fair to say that the central universities are given prominence than state-run-universities.

Choose career by interest
Students should choose their career based on the interest and not by the job market. Opportunities are always there in any field, whether Arts, Sciences or Humanities and skill is the only prerequisite.
Published date : 25 Jan 2018 02:46PM

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