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Siddhalinga Pattanashetti Wins Gudleppa Hallikeri Award 2024

Siddhalinga Pattanashetti Wins Gudleppa Hallikeri Award 2024
  • Poet and playwright Siddhaling aPattanashetti has been chosen for the prestigious Gudleppa Hallikeri Award for 2024 by the Gudleppa Hallikeri Memorial Foundation, Hosaritti (Haveri District). Veeranna Chekki, senior trustee of the Gudleppa Hallikeri Memorial foundation of Hosaritti, haveri District announced.
  •  This is the 19th award and will be presented in the honour of the birth anniversary of GudleppaHallikeri on 6 June.
  • The GudleppaHallikeri Award honors those who have made significant achievements to literature, society, or social service. It bears the name of GudleppaHallikeri, a well-known liberation warrior who shared Mahatma Gandhi’s beliefs.

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Published date : 08 Jun 2024 05:24PM

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