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China Unveils World’s First 4th-Generation Nuclear Reactor

China Unveils World’s First 4th-Generation Nuclear Reactor
  • China has achieved a significant milestone in its quest to shift away from traditional coal-fired power plants and decrease its reliance on foreign technologies. Recently, the Shidao Bay nuclear power plant in eastern Shandong province commenced commercial operations, heralding the era of next-generation gas-cooled nuclear reactors. This development is crucial for China’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and securing a sustainable energy future.
  • The Shidao Bay plant distinguishes itself by utilizing two high-temperature reactors cooled by gas, a departure from conventional pressurized water cooling systems.
  • The Shidao Bay plant’s reactors fall under the category of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). Unlike conventional reactors primarily designed for electricity production, SMRs offer versatility in applications beyond power generation.

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Published date : 13 Dec 2023 05:29PM

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