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Which country has the highest no. of smokers?

China ranks first in the world, followed by India, with the highest number of smokers aged 16 to 64.
Which country has the highest no. of people smoking?

This was revealed in a recent report released by The International Commission to Re-ignite the Fight Against Smoking. The report compiles data from the World Bank and other organizations.

The Report details: 

  • In China and India, more than 50 million 16-64 year old are addicted to tobacco.
  • There are 25 crore smokers in India. India has the second highest tobacco consumption population of 16–64 years.
  • In India, tobacco use is three times higher among men than women.
  • The population in India that wants to quit smoking is less.
  • 37% of Indians sincerely want to quit smoking.
  • The percentage of men quitting smoking in India is still less than 20 per cent.
  • Incidence of oral cancer caused by chewing tobacco is also on the rise in India.
  • Around 114 crore people worldwide have become addicted to tobacco. As a result, 80 lakh people fall ill and die at an early age every year.
  • Economic and social inequalities caused by tobacco cost the world nearly $ 2 trillion a year.
Published date : 20 Nov 2021 11:26AM

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