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‘Partners in the Blue Pacific’: New programme started by US and Allies.

‘Partners in the Blue Pacific’: New programme started by US and Allies.
‘Partners in the Blue Pacific’: New programme started by US and Allies.
  • The US and its allies, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United Kingdom, have launched a new initiative called Partners in the Blue Pacific for effective and efficient cooperation with the region’s small island nations in response to China’s aggressive push to expand its sphere of influence in the Pacific. After China pushed for a broad, common cooperation pact with 10 Pacific states, it became obvious the planned extent of its expanding influence and the geostrategic competition in the region increased.
  • A five-nation informal framework, the PBP aims to support Pacific islands and strengthen regional political and economic ties.
  • It calls for further cooperation to improve “prosperity, resilience, and security” in the Pacific. It simply means that these nations will contribute more resources through the PBP, both collectively and individually, to block China’s aggressive outreach.Members of the initiative have also promised to strengthen ties with the Pacific Islands Forum and promote regionalism in the Pacific.
  • The five member countries said in a joint statement announcing the project that the forum “remains open to engaging with additional partners,” adding that “at every point, the Pacific Islands will be led and guided by us.”
  • On the choice of the PBP’s lines of effort and its flagship projects, we shall look to the Pacific for advice.
  • The climate issue, connectivity and transportation, marine security and protection, health, prosperity, and education are among the sectors where PBP seeks to improve cooperation.

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Published date : 01 Jul 2022 02:39PM

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