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Operation Indravati: India Leads Evacuation Efforts in Haiti

Operation Indravati: India Leads Evacuation Efforts in Haiti
  • Haiti, still bearing the scars of the 2010 earthquake, is embroiled in a fresh crisis fueled by armed gang violence. The situation has deteriorated rapidly, particularly in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince, prompting international intervention under Operation Indravati, a joint effort led by India and backed by the United States.

Gangs Unleash Chaos

  • Gang violence has reached a tipping point, with attacks targeting police stations, critical infrastructure like the airport being shut down, and audacious prison breaks freeing thousands of inmates. To quell the unrest, Haiti has been forced to declare a state of emergency and impose curfews.

Political Turmoil Deepens Crisis

  • At the epicenter of the crisis is gang leader Jimmy Cherizier, who has demanded the resignation of acting Prime Minister Ariel Henry. While Henry has conceded to stepping down eventually, the lack of a concrete timeline creates a power vacuum that exacerbates the situation.

Operation Indravati: Evacuation Efforts Underway

  • Operation Indravati prioritizes the safe evacuation of foreign nationals caught in the violence. Indian citizens, along with over 15 Americans, are being airlifted to the Dominican Republic for safety.

Shifting Alliances Cloud the Future

  • Haiti's political landscape remains fluid, with alliances forming and dissolving rapidly. Exiled Prime Minister Ariel Henry watches from Puerto Rico as Jean-Charles Moise joins forces with former rebel leader Guy Philippe, further destabilizing the nation.

A Beacon of Hope Amidst Uncertainty

  • Operation Indravati offers a glimmer of hope for a nation teetering on the brink. However, the path to recovery is fraught with challenges as the crisis deepens and the political landscape remains unpredictable.

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Published date : 22 Mar 2024 05:35PM

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